Rosy Pink

There is no denying the fact that I do have a soft spot for make up, especially for bright colours and rosy cheeks. I was wasting time today and watched the latest youtube video for which was based on Prada’s Spring Collection…

It has left me really wanting to go shopping for a pinky-rose blush! Though i have to say that on nights out with friends, the whole effect of blush goes out the window. Just one tiny tiny drink shows on my face. Blush becomes useless, because the artificial pink on my cheeks gets taken over by the alcohol and spreads like mad, always to the amusement of my friends who like to point out immediately, look she’s all pink already! It’s all in the genes apparently, thats really all I can say in my defence. It has something to do with purifying water, and that westeners made beer while the chinese made tea. Apparently It’s scientifically proven…! You should see my mother when she’s had just one glass of wine. Shes bright red and crashed out on the sofa. I’m not that bad though, I promise!