Lovely Lovett

It is the wee hours of the morning but i thought i would blog just before i went to bed. As you know, i went to thecinema to check out Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd. All i can say is that it is fantastic! I really loved it, even with the gore and bloodyness but it actually wasn’t that bad and who knew Depp could sing (really, what can’t this man do??). I guess because unlike horror movies (which i avoid like the plague) the gory scenes weren’t really played out in length, there was no torture or anything like that.

Anyway, aside from the narrative i absolutely loved the costume! The costumes were by Colleen Atwood who was the costume designer on Burton’s Sleepy Hollow and also on Lemony Snicket and the cult favourite, Edward Scissorhands. She really is quite something!
My favourite scene, costume wise, was the dream sequence where Helena Bonham Carter’s character (Mrs Lovett) sits on the beach with Depp (Sweeney). While Depp is pictured wearing a black and white all in one swimsuit (Victorian-esque) and looking quite miserable and out of place, Bonham-Carter is in a blue, nautical themed dress which really was quite cute! I couldn’t keep my eyes off her dress! The scene itself is meant to be cute and it all fits, and it’s a scene where it was meant to look quite ridiculous as the two characters are quite gothic looking for the main part of the movie. I also really liked another shot in the same scene where the two are walking down a pier and Depp is in a white suit and Bonham Carter is in a ‘period’ red striped dress and spotty red umbrella. It doesn’t come as a suprise that this dream sequence is the brightest and cheeriest part of the movie, while Burton employs grey tones throughout the main movie (evoking the dark aspect of the film-or rather Musical!)
Click Here for some more insight into the costume design for Sweeney Todd! If you love Tim Burton’s movies, you will definitely love Sweeney Todd!

Images are taken from Here and Youtube.