I love Kitsch and cute things. When I saw these hair clips on sale at Oasis Market (shop heaven for Emo’s, goths etc and a frequent haunt of mine when I was about 14) I had an unexplicable urge to buy one. I didn’t…but they are just so darn cute that I might give in eventually. They remind me of all the cute little hairclips that my grandmother from Hong Kong used to send me and my sister when we were younger along with Sailormoon Pyjamas, Hello Kitty goodies and VCR recordings of Chinese cartoons. Ah, to be a kid again!

I also found an old friend over facebook which was exciting and she is so different to how I remembered her from a few years ago. She has a sort of Lily Allen thing going on with huge twisted gold rope earrings. Slightly chav I know but she looked good and I really want a pair now (much to the horror of my friends). I don’t know if I really will give into the chav-tastic jewellery but who knows?