Killer Heels

Last night before I went to bed, I made sure I caught Vivienne Westwood on Jonathan Ross (a weekly talk show) Here’s a short BBC Clip. What really amazed me is how the woman at 67 can still wear killer heels. I can’t find any photos but they were lace up stilletoed platform boots. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to walk in them! She was a kooky as ever, proclaiming her mannifesto and being all shiny in her all in one, glittery jodphur style outfit. Haha, you’ve got to love her eccentricity.

I worked today at the dept store which let me work occassional hours after i ‘left’ so I could have more time studying in my final year. It was fun looking after customers again, but i was told i no longer qualified for a store discount because i don’t work a minumum of 16 hours. Which is really bad actually, as It’s a huge incentive for any part timer…and I know plently of other stores that give all their workers discounts. It doesn’t bother me personally as I’m not there very often, and a discount would only mean I would spend a lot more! (but it would have been nice) I guess I’m beginning to realise how much I used my discount before I had it taken off me…

So I guess I wasted precious time on my lunch hour staring at these shoes at work. They’re a silly £110 (available on the Kurt Geiger. website) and It’s not like i’m earning that sort of money at the moment! Oh…I can only dream….