Plaits and Earthquakes

I’m reading about plaits everywhere and they have have played prominent parts in various collections. You could hardly miss them in yesterday’s Vivienne Westwood Collection. Extensions with plaits are really popular in Japan too. I have the Fruits book which is so amazingly visually stimulating! I want the newer book, Fresh Fruits eventually! Just putting up the photo next to the Westwood draws more comparisons. I think it’s the naive-childlike print that Westwood has used that you could see as reflecting the way some of the Harajuku kids dress. Mismatched and fun, like a toddler who doesn’t care that their socks don’t match and that kettles don’t make good handbags…
The plaits remind me of those hairbands you have as a kid with attatched pigtails. At least I had them anyway sent to me from Hong Kong courtesy of my grandmother.
Sadly my hair is far too short now to have a go with plaits but I’m having fun with the little hairclip i bought the other day (note the chav earrings!)

There was an earthquake yesterday measuring at 5.2 on the Richter scale which is quite high for this part of the world! It was about 1am and I woke up when my bed was shaking and I could hear my jewellery box rattling. My heart was racing but I promptly fell back asleep, the last thought on my mind was that there better not be a mine under the house. I can’t imagine living somewhere where earthquakes are quite common!