Gone Chav Shopping…

After a horribly early start to the day me and the housemates ditched an afternoon of intensive work for a much more appealing, spontaenous shopping trip. It was so much fun!

I ended up buying loads of pairs of earrings including some Chav stylee ones. I only wanted the smaller ones but my housemate said if I was going chav, I should get the huge chunky ones and she’s so right. It’s a love hate relationship. They are hideous but at the same time I absolutely love them and enjoy the look of horror on people’s faces. Especially one of my housemates who didn’t come out shopping who immediately asked if I was going to a fancy dress party as well as another deciding that as long as I am wearing them I will be known to her as Pat…as in Pat Butcher from Eastenders(BBC Soap) who famously wears humungus earrings.
I didn’t mean to buy so many pairs and I ended up with quite a selection! For the past year I’ve only been wearing huge studded earrings and now is the time for a bit of a mix up!

You might notice the little Gingerbread man hairslide which is so cute and I’m pleased I bought that in the end.

I also got a little ring made from twisted metal formed into a bow shape which was a last minute buy. Only because at Accessorize they had them at the counter which is such a good marketing ploy. They reeled me right in!