Flower Power

I do love Michelle Jank’s jewellery and just by looking at the various photos of the pieces makes me want to go on a shopping spree to buy some decorative flowers, tassles and beads or rip off all the flowers off those flower hair bobbles that I insisted on wearing when i was about 11.
I love how each necklace is unique and blur the line between fashion and jewellery. The grey and black one is fantastic and that would transform absolutely any outfit!

Though she is quite expensive and her flowery necklaces sell for about £480 so maybe I will have to go and make something inspired by her pieces after all. If you’ve got the cash you can buy her pieces at Colette in Paris, Dover Street in London and Brownsfashion.com.

Her pieces actually remind me of two headbands i bought from the local Saturday Flea Market at Birmingham’s Custard Factory(custard factory, Birmingham) from the lovely Sheena Holland. To me, Holland is the equivalent to Michelle Jank when it comes to hairbands. All her pieces are unique and like Jank, uses antique lace, beads and various finds and while she sells them for quite a lot (i’ve heard she managed to sell one for £400 at the Clothes Show at the NEC this year but prior to this her most expensive items have been around £200 which is far cheaper than Jank), her peices at the flea are very a lot cheaper. I guess she doesn’t bring out her most exensive items seeing as at the Flea, you’re more likely to find a younger crowd. So the most expensive hairband is around £60 and of course you can bargain! I’m not very good at this but managed to buy two for £40 which was definitely a bargain. I don’t have one of them with me (as i left it at home) but it’s purple, with about three large leather flowers. I love it!

On the other hand, i do have the other one with me in my student house, as you can see its made up of a big 80s style plastic button with beading, leather, cotton material and various. They are lovely, but fall into the category of hairbands that give you a headache after a while. Especially this black one! However I am a believer in that sometimes you have to suffer a little for fashion. Then again, who hasn’t bought shoes in the sale believing you’ll stretch them out and realise it’s all a bit futile and your feet hurt like crazy? I still haven’t learnt that lesson yet.