A Fine Line

Bit of a late post today, as I am sitting in my Pyjamas typing this. Had a bit of a busy day as I was out late last night celebrating a friends 21st and then had to get up early today to go and meet some friends in town for some lunch and possible perusing the shops. While I walked to meet my friends I thought about the the clashing jade green tights and pink shoes that I had spotted earlier in the week and then this woman stepped in front of me in her ‘striking’ coat. I do really love the colours in it and it made me smile.

However it reminds me that while clashing colours can look great, it can look a bit too 80’s and a bit out of date. It makes me wonder where the line is between good and bad fashion? When do clashing colours just look bad?
Incidently, I didn’t buy those tights and shoes in the end as I realised I didn’t feel much of a loss for them as I walked away from a busy TopShop.