So, I went to the hairdressers and came back with a hair cut…that wasn’t exactly like the one in the picture. I didn’t dare ask for him to go any shorter as it was the first time he had ever cut my hair. It’s definitely not drastically different and I think few people will notice that I’ve had it cut. I’m happy with it though, especially as my fringe is longer in my eyes! Also, I had no idea how expensive their scissors were, he dropped his pair and they went all wonky and he told me he would have to pay £25 to get them all balanced out again. Crazy.

I’m wearing my purple sheena holland hairband in the other two pics, I left it at home, and I forget how pretty it is!

I also walked past the more high end (and more mature), high street store Hobbs today and they have really embraced yellow for spring. I really liked the look of the yellow mac that they had on display on the window. I am really drawn to yellow, it’s so cheerful and sunny but as I’ve said before It’s a nightmare finding the right colour and thats why I still don’t own any yellow apart from the one t-shirt that is buried somewhere in the bottom of my wardrobe.

Right, ‘reading week’ is nearly over so I better go and pack so I can get back to my student house, my little pink room and my housemates!