The White Cubicle

On the subject of art galleries, i recently found out that a toilet/bathroom can be a place for exhibitions (to be honest, is that at all surprising?). The toilet is White Cubicle Gallery (not sure if it has any affiliation with White Cube gallery)and is in the Ladies Loo of London’s George and Dragon Pub (where else but in Shoreditch of course) measuring a tiny, 1.40 by 1.40 metres. Must be interesting if you’re a guy and want to check out the artwork. Seeing as i don’t live in London i won’t have time to check out the latest exhibition. However it will be Husam El odeh who is an illustrator and jewellery designer who will be exhibiting in this unusual choice of venue from 11th Feb.

Unfortunately i have no idea what he will be exhibiting, but if you’re ever in Shoreditch, stop for a pint in the George and Dragon and see what he has to offer. His past creations have been interesting, he seems to like the fusion of everyday pieces such as the combs and collar to lady-like pearls. You might recognise his name and may already know that TopShop took him on in designing some pieces for their ever-growing collection of designer diffusion lines, and generation sponsorship scheme. Husan El Odeh used perspex and metal as you can see in the hairband below.

To give you an idea of what the space is like, above is an image i found from 2005, exhibition by Terence Koh who transformed the cubicle into a shrine… and Deborah Castillo from the same year who apparently also displayed her artwork in various telephone booths in and around the area.

I really did not expect it to look so tiny and well, so toilet like! How strange! Haha. Whatever next? In the words of my contemporary visual arts tutor, on postmodernism, ‘Anything goes!’

Anyway, gotta run, i have to get to my seminar on portraiture!