Square Eyes

Right, so i know i probably watch far too much TV for anyone to believe that i really get any work done at uni. Actually, i am a good girl and i do manage to get my work done but everyone needs a break from their essays so i turn to my laptop to give me a weekly delivery of the latest tv offerings.

So i am an avid watcher of Gossip Girl as well as catching the new show, Cashmere Mafia. Which is a bit of a SATC rip off, but i don’t care, it’s something to watch when i’m not writing my dissertation. Both shows, as you are probably aware, have characters that are dressed impeccably. I’ll probably blog about Gossip Girl another day, but today i will focus my attentions on Cashmere Mafia. Brief outline of the plot, 4 extremely well dressed, high powered ladies who all met at Business school and have various posts such as Publishers and Managing directors and whose lives are riddled with love problems and the like.
Now i’m not here to criticise about the plot but i think it does ok in the entertainment stakes. Instead, I want to talk about the clothes! Lucy Liu’s character in the first episode is walking with her boyfriend down some New York street, on the way to work. While none of them dress like Carrie Bradshaw who got to wear some pretty eccentric but fantastic outfits. These women are meant to be business-like and Lucy Liu’s character does a fantastic job bridging business like uniform with the fun and frivoulous.

If i ever work in an office, this is how i am going to dress. Yeah you’ve got the typical simple white shirt, but its that skirt and the turquoise heels that make the real difference! It manages to be so business like but the colours in the skirt add that bit of extra fun to it all. In fact, i would probably go as far as to wear a turquoise clip, ribbon or something in my hair. However, 10 years on from now, when i’m older and wiser, i’ll probably rethink the accessories…and hopefully have a figure like Lucy’s. Dammit, i guess i will have to work on the latter. I should go for a run, but i’m too lazy and would mean buying clothes to exercise in…..on second thoughts, that would require me going shopping….hmmmmm, suddenly a jog sounds exciting!