Today i got up super early for my seminar/lecture which was annoying because i didn’t get much sleep last night, neighbours must have had some sort of party and unfortunately have a love for drum and bass. My seminar was all about the homosexual black identity and we watched a film which i could only class as Art. It was a bit provocative and suggestive but wasn’t particularly very good. It’s called Looking for Langston by Isaac Julien and I really feared I would fall asleep half way through. The girl who did the class presentation on the film was wearing this amazing Green Fluro coat from French Connection. Great choice I thought as Neon is making its way back into our wardrobes for the summer! I can’t find any image of it so it must be from a few seasons ago but it was in a pea coat style, but she really got away with wearing that colour. She also has a lovely raspberry coat too, which i admire a lot! She’s always very well dressed and I wish I could have a rummage through her wardrobe!

Anyway, I’ve decided not to do any work for now, and chill out reading a few magazines (the ones i bought earlier in the week!) as well as my housemate’s copy of Vogue which she kindly left behind for me while she is away this weekend. I should probably get on with my dissertation but I might do that tonight if i can. After I’ve been to see Sweeny Todd with some of my other housemates. I’ve heard good things about it, but also that it’s a bit gory? Ah I hope not or maybe just that it’s gory in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow way. That was a great film wasn’t it? I must make time to rewatch my favourite French films I have sitting on my shelf and also my housemates copy of The Chorus which she promised is well worth watching!