I have just been told that we have paid for our tickets to Hong Kong in the summer (July 20th-Aug 10th) and they are going to be picked up on Monday!!!

I am so excited! I have a photo of the skyline i took a couple years back but can’t find it anywhere on my laptop so heres a pic from

Last time i went, my aunts took us to a hotel for dinner that was opposite this view (or the other way round, i can’t be sure…) but the view was spectacular and the food was delicious (all you can eat Buffet which included Sushi my favourite! as well as loads of other yummy food and so, so many desserts- i have never seen a better buffet since being back in the UK)

I really can’t wait to go back, and do some shopping. What i love about Hong Kong are the shopping malls that are tucked away and inside quite ordinary looking buildings. The escalators take you up into what i can only explain are like a treasure trove full of little tiny shops selling cheap and wonderful clothes. It’s also fun going into the department stores with my little sister and hunting through all the Hello Kitty for souvenirs. I don’t think that will ever stop being fun! I may be 21 but Hello Kitty is so kitsch and cute, i’m not as crazy over the stuff as i used to be, but i will never get sick of the stuff.

I have to admit though, that this hello kitty exhaust pipe has stepped wayyyy over the mark. Taking cute to the extreme..

My aunts/grandparents live in North Point which is right by Causeway Bay (Tung Lo Wan) on Hong Kong Island, which is one of the most popular places to go shopping. I can almost smell Hong Kong just by thinking about it. That might sound wierd, but its like that ‘holiday’ smell you get when you go away somewhere. We always have such a good time in Hong Kong catching up with the grandparents, aunts and watching loads of chinese mtv and chinese soaps. Plus it’s also nice actually spending time together with my sisters, the apartments are so small that we are in each others faces all the time. It might sound like a nightmare, but in Hong Kong it works and we actually get along! Gotta save my pennies though, we are perfect partners when it comes to shopping. Though some of the shop assistants in Hong Kong don’t leave you alone and keep commenting how beautiful the clothes are and that they have any size i want etc. Still, i’m told it isn’t as bad as it used to be.

Theres such a lot to get through before July…dissertation, essays, revision and then the dreaded finals. Well, at least i have something to work towards, and who knows, i might have gone to New York before then!

Alsoo…again with the tennis talk, but Federer was knocked out yesterday, so no Fed vs Nadal final…Djokovic was amazing though (he’s only 20 but looks a lot older) so can’t wait to catch the final on Sunday Morning vs French unseeded Tsonga!