Eye Popping!

Make up is an important part of the fashion world and for most of us, a daily routine. What i love about make up is that it can get so experimental, and designers really do let loose when it comes to their models.

Haute Couture in Paris has come to an end, finishing with Valentino’s specatacular, last ever runway show. It is Alessandro Facchinetti who will be the one who will continue his legacy.

Returning to Galliano’s offering of Art inspired pieces earlier this week, the make up was probably just as eye-catching as the clothes!
As you can see from all the photos, the make up team all worked hard glueing on sequins, shiny paper and feathers onto the models. At first, i wondered what on earth the models could have been eating when i spotted the table laid with paper plates. The brightly coloured assortment are feathers used for both false eyelashes as well as feathery additions on the face.

So much work goes into the backstage make up it’s a shame there isn’t more coverage on the process. I would love to be part of the chaos backstage, among the feathers, make up….and uber tall models.

The eyeshadows used are bright and matte which remind me of the great range of matte eyeshadows that MAC have. I noticed a few bottles of MAC foundation in the photos so i assume they have a mixture of MAC and Dior products for backstage. It must be so much fun to work backstage at fashion shows, glueing bits and pieces onto the models!

This leads on to my own make up routine. I hardly go a day without it and if i’m not going out at all i will still wear a teeny bit of brown eyeliner so i look more awake. I don’t cake it on, but i can’t live without the eyeliner, concealer and vaseline. I would happily leave everything else! Though really, i would miss everything else that is packed into my make up bag, including my powder foundation (liquid is only for special occassions) and my new christmas gift of a MAC palette which is so pretty (it looks like a paintbox). I have to say that spending that bit more on make up is important, i mean this stuff is going on your face so i can’t bring myself to buy cheap products. Plus if you do spend more, you’re more likely to get more for your money…which is good because i can’t afford to buy make up all the time!

My brand of choice, is MAC because it actually isn’t as expensive as all the designer brands like Chanel and Estee Lauder etc. Clinique are the experts for the skin though, and i wouldn’t ever change my clinique foundation to a MAC one..

I thought i would end with a quote from possibly the most inspirational woman in fashion history ever, Coco Chanel… (Feminists…brace yourselves!)
“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”