Dissertation Procrastination

Well you might have guessed that i have a bit of a love of the colour purple and i do admit cranberry isn’t too far off. So i decided to refresh my memory and check out some of the ready to wear collections from last October (Spring 08) after all of that theatrical, mad, Galliano. It’s a bit of a coincidence that the images i feature off various catwalks are all mostly art related, they just really stand out. Chloe’s Spring ready to wear collection reminds me of all sorts of abstract artists like Helen Frankenthaler, Jean Tinguely oh and of course Rothko. The one on the right is so lovely, i am inspired to try and get hold of some fabric paint and paint splogdes on old t-shirts!

Before i shoot off, i heard this on the radio, Radio 1 call it ‘New Rave meets Old Dave’
Royal British Legion covering Klaxons Bit good!

I should be writing my dissertation right now i’m currently on 530 words out of 12,000, shocker i know but it’s going ok as i only started writing it about half an hour ago. So i’ve done well!
My desk is a mess, and my bed looks so tidy and comfy i may end up having a snooze before i go and make my tea. Bangers and Mash!