Cranberry and Galliano

Hello…I am on the hunt for some lovely sheer cranberry tights…that colour is everywhere! Not only is the Miu Miu campaign in a lovely hue of cranbery, but i caught my housemate as she was leaving in a gorgeous cranberry coat. I swear it’s everywhere except inside my wardrobe.

Aside from my obession with cranberry, I love what Galliano has done with his recent collection for Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week. Art has always influenced fashion and this is no exception. Gustav Klimt is a key influence and i love the intricately jewelled garments but with this very space aged, sixities make up. Very theatrical. Makes me want to get my paint brushes out!

(Art Images)
Adele Bloch-Bauer I, Klimt, 1907
and Adele Bloch-Bauer II, 1912

The colours are so bright and amazing (no hint of cranberry though). Galliano, really manages to channel the vision of Klimt, can you imagine a world where people would wear crazy outfits such as these?. I particularly love the second orange dress with the poofy bubbled hem. Pity orange isn’t really my colour, but is it anyones? Yellow doesn’t suit me either but it doesn’t stop me from constantly trying on yellow dresses.

Anyway, John Singer Sargents’s Madame X also plays her part in the collection with the nod to luxurious velvets, but i have to say that Galliano’s appearance at the end of the catwalk really made me smile.

This man is a genius, perhaps he’s suggesting Tudor Stylee is the way to go?