A Brand New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been meaning to start one up again for a while, seeing as i started one sometime last year on livejournal but it never really grew into a blog. I guess blogs are like diaries, if you don’t keep it daily then you just won’t remember to use it at all.

So hopefully, this will be more of a success! I should really be in bed now, but i can’t help but start off my blog with the new Miu Miu campaign shots which i absolutely love!

The photographs are really quite stunning, i love the palette of rich burgundy colours. If Circus themes are in then i will be wanting to emulate Kirsten Dunst in her Harlequin dress. I think i will be taking to wearing all shades of purple, and finishing off with a cute red ribbon in my hair! The dress is quite clever and i did have to glance at it twice to realise theres a hand printed onto the dress.

Anyway this is quite a short post, but more to come tomorrow i’m sure! 9am starts are uni are never good, especially when its on eighteenth century france, i do end up wanting to go back to bed…i do prefer C19 France with those Flaneurs, Degas and those Cafe Concerts where Toulouse Lautrec liked to hang out! Sigh…