Arty Stuff

After writing a little more on my dissertation (it’s slow work I’m afraid..)and managing to bake some delicious Brownies which are full fat and very calorific…though they are to Jamie Oliver’s recipe, so that’s OK as he’s always on TV nowadays telling us Brits to be healthy otherwise we will all become obese, not fit into our clothes (now that would be a dire situation) and suffer all manner of illnesses. Seeing as these were in his recipe book, i guess that means it’s fine to gorge ourselves on tasty treats on occasion.

Anyway, I’m straying from my main point…after working away at the dissertation i realised that you can study Art History and probably get away without seeing much art. I haven’t gone to our Uni Art Gallery for a couple of months now, which is terrible when we have so many amazing artists, my favourite ones we have are the Monet and Degas oil paintings. Expressive brush strokes always win me over.

So i am definitely looking forward to the new exhibition called, Behind Closed Doors which is an exhibition made up of private collections from around Birmingham. I’m quite excited as included in the exhibition are Turners, Picasso’s, Hockney, Paula Rego and a Cornelia Parker. There are some much older contributions e.g. Van Dyck which I’m not writing off, i can appreciate them but i have never found much affinity with them as i have with more contemporary art.

As well as this, Birminghams answer to contemporary art, The Ikon Gallery also has a few treats in store. I’m really looking forward to the exhibitions that they have planned including Ryan Gander’s exhibition called Heralded as the New Black. I’m quite keen to check out the art work titled, The sheet of paper on which I was about to draw, as it slipped from my table and fell to the floor (2008) which consists of 100 identical glass spheres each with a laser etched image of a piece of paper inside. They are reminiscent of giant marbles and are all placed haphazardly around the gallery as if they have been left, it will be interesting to see how easy it will to navigate around them. These balls are meant to embody an unattainable future, the idea of an idea that is still undiscovered and is epitomised by a blank white rectangle frozen in space. Sounds interesting and am looking forward to the physical response that i am sure it will produce. They sound quite fun all scattered around the room, hope i don’t fall over any of them…