End of Summer Peace
Diamond Canopy is a UK based lifestyle blog. This blog is a creative outlet where topics include my style, the food I've eaten (does that count as a hobby?) places I've been and other random things that take my fancy.
  • I love working with brands and I occasionally accept products for review purposes. These are always marked c/o (courtesy of) however the majority of the clothes that you see on this blog are purchased by myself.
  • Sponsored posts are pretty rare around here but if they are featured, they are always my own words, created to fit around my own style/ethos. They are marked clearly as sponsored.
  • Please note that I never re-post press releases, nor do I write about celebrity events or want to get X celebrity's look and I definitely don't accept guest posting!
  • Anything featured on this blog is a reflection of myself - they genuinely interest me, things that I would actually purchase or aspire to. Most importantly, content on this blog is always honest and my own personal opinion.
If that all sounds good to you or if you want to know more then please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

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