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Style, Food and attempts at Photography. Often enthusing about Asian Culture.

Since 2008, this blog has followed me through two degrees, plenty of jaunts back to Hong Kong (where my family are from), consumed a lot of food and is basically the little sidekick to my life. I've never been good at keeping diaries but writing online is something all together different.

I probably shop too much, eat too much and far too partial to kawaii kitsch. I like Art and quite keen on Asian food and culture (I really like taking photos of food!) I need to visit Japan/Korea/Taiwan. Forever wondering when someone will sponsor me to travel around Asia for food research purposes...definitely the dream!

Frequently asked questions

What's with the blog name? 

I'll admit it's pretty random. Growing up I was the hugest fan of Incubus and in one of their songs, the night sky/space is described as a 'Diamond Canopy' which I loved and as a handle, it's followed me through ancient Myspace accounts and on to the blog. My 18 year old self would probably have given the now, K-pop loving me, the side eye! Either way, I'm rather fond of the name now.

What camera do you use?

Photography wise, I'm pretty much a n enthusiastic novice but I use a Canon 650d with a 35mm F2 lens attached most of the time. Occasionally, I'll use iPhone 5 pictures too.

Any Questions? Shoot me an email or send me a tweet!


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