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Hi guys! 

I'm Winnie, I'm 27 and this blog began way back in 2008 where it all started as a distraction from my studies. Ever since then, the blog has turned into my cosy little corner of the internet where I blog about personal style, food, beauty and lifestyle.

People always ask about the blog name as it is pretty random! It's taken from a song lyric by Incubus where the night sky is perfectly described as a 'Diamond canopy' which I've always loved. As tempted as I've been to change it to something else, the name has stuck with me.

Some of the things that I love include tea, all things kawaii, Murakami books, photography, Art and fashion exhibitions. Hong Kong is in my blood and will always be my home away from home. I'm quite partial to Asian food and culture and forever wondering when someone will sponsor me to travel around Asia for food research purposes...

The header was designed by me using my own illustration. Photography wise, I'm pretty much a n enthusiastic novice but I use a Canon 650d with a 35mm F2 lens attached most of the time.

Any Questions? Shoot me an email or send me a tweet!

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