Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Apologies for the crazy pop of lime green but I couldn't resist the acidic colour when posing in this coat and of course, the crazy pop-ular ice cream from Milk Train. The COS jacket is a current favourite of mine (so hard to capture the dusky pink, cherry yoghurt kinda hue) but let's focus on the matcha ice cream with that sticky, yummy cloud of white candy floss. This little dessert break was from the weekend when I caught up with Michelle and we stopped by this ice cream cafe in Covent Garden, which is probably inspired by Korean cafe trends. It ALWAYS has a queue in all weather, rain or shine!

We joined the queue outside the store, watching in amusement at all the people getting their selfies  and knowing full well we'd be doing exactly that. I'm a sucker for novelty food and matcha soft serve is one of my all time favourite things so this ticks all the boxes. While Tsujiri is still the best for matcha soft serve (the matcha flavour is just so good there), I'm certainly not complaining as Milk Train is a pretty fun treat. I'll be back for more of that soft serve and candy floss goodness, I think I'll try the Hojicha flavour next...


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