Sunday, October 18, 2015


1 Alveston pastures farm maze Entrance
2 Alveston pastures farm maze exploring4 Alveston pastures farm maze winnie 2
3 Alveston pastures farm maze hedges
5 Alveston pastures farm maze winnie
6 Alveston pastures farm maze friends
Yeah I went there with the blog post title but I really did love the maze at my friend's wedding. A couple of us went in to explore and immediately got lost. We were told to always go left and the times we went against this little tip, we found ourselves at a dead end! Eventually we found other lost wedding guests and ended up in a little group where a small child pretty much lead the way. Of course we took some celebratory snaps when we reached the centre (yes I am very short and my friend is very tall!) I'm also no longer wearing heels in these pics for fear of my heels sinking in the grass but my Converse match my dress, perfect! It seems we explored the maze at the right time because the light was lovely. Hello golden hour.

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