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Kenilworth 8
If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably been wondering when on earth these pictures would appear on my blog but finally, I've sifted through the hundreds I've taken that day and here is my post from my day out to Kenilworth Castle! The castle is only about a 30 minute drive from my house and it seems silly that I've not been to visit all these years. My best friend said it's her favourite castle of them all and I can see why. I like it much more than Warwick castle because I am a sucker for ruins, exposed stonework and letting my imagination run wild, not to mention that the entry is about a third of the price of Warwick Castle. I certainly got my money's worth that's for sure as I spent so much time taking photos that my friend often wondered where on earth I was and usually found me far, far behind, photographing some random nook and cranny! Soz Chrissy!
Kenilworth 4Kenilworth 3 Kenilworth 2
Kenilworth 6
Kenilworth 7
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The castle is Medieval in origin and has a colour Tudor past. The castle is well known for being one of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester's homes and he is famous for being the royal favourite and close friend to Queen Elizabeth I. Wanting to impress her and perhaps pursue her hand in marriage, he spent a fortune when Elizabeth I stayed at the Castle for 3 weeks, building a whole new wing and an Elizabethan garden. As all British children learn in school, Elizabeth I never married - poor old Dudley!

I've still got a few more to share from the day of interesting corners and lovely views so I'll have to narrow down some more pics and share them soon! I'd love to know if you guys live near any ruins or interesting places to visit - I'll have to note them down...

Blazer - Zara (similar) | Blouse - Asos | Cami - River Island (similar) | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - Office | Bag - MCM


  1. daisychaindream7 June 2015 at 18:24

    I really need to find some castles to explore! There is something quite magical about them x

  2. Great photos! Love your outfit too xx

  3. I love how Elizabeth I was such a badass that a guy remodeled his whole castle for her quick visit lol. Such cool pictures!


  4. Ahh this is making me all nostalgic for Kenilworth! :'(

    Maria xxx

  5. So much love for this post. Everything's so pretty! :)

    Lou |

  6. what a pretty place! i'd spend all day long and bring my picnic basket here. love your pics! <3


  7. I love the photos! What a cool place to visit.
    Having a wing and a garden built for you sounds pretty impressive. Being a queen sure came with perks!

  8. Oh wow, such an interesting place to visit!

  9. WOW! Such beautiful pictures, against a stunning backdrop. I love that blazer and that's such a gorgeous handbag x

  10. Wow, this looks like such an interesting place! I really love your outfit too, especially that blazer :)

  11. Beautiful shots here Winnie, this place looks stunning! I love your outfit too, you look lovely. - Tasha

  12. beautiful photos! you take amazing photos :))
    also, this seems like an interesting place to visit

    xoxo, rae

  13. I have vivid memories of coming here as a kid with my parents and sister! If you like it here maybe you would also like Belvoir Castle (another place I visited frequently with my family!) I love your blazer too!
    bec X

  14. ahhhh this is my a level history topic! all coming back now! love the pink bag giving it a pop of colour too xxxx

  15. I just looked Belvoir castle up - I'm totally going to pop it on my places to visit! It looks awesome x

  16. It was great Valerie - I loved all the exposed stone work and seeing old tiles exposed (will have to make sure I edit that pic is into the next blog post!) and imagining the past.

  17. Gotta love castles and ruins! They're pretty fun to explore! Thanks - the bag is definitely a nice pop of colour :)



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