Thursday, March 19, 2015


facutly sign 1
faculty blackboard 1
faculty brownie table
faculty flatwhite
faculty tea
Faculty cakes collage
faculty outside and board
There is an awesome independent coffee scene in Birmingham and all the coffee shops are a little network where they all support each other, so it's lovely little community. I visit them all for different reasons whether it's because they serve great brunch, do the best teas or make a killer flat white. I may not know much about the ins and outs of coffee beans but I can definitely recognise a good coffee and Faculty is one of my favourite spots for coffee and cake. Faculty is teeny tiny and you can see at a very quick glance whether there is a space for you and your friends to sit. Situated in Piccadilly Arcade it is a stones throw from New Street Station and not far from the Bullring shopping centre. Their coffees are served in mint cups and they make use of Science beakers for things like their V60 coffees which look pretty cool served in flasks. My friend adores their peppermint tea and raves on about their tangerine ginger tea too. Me? Well I rarely opt for anything else other than a flat white and they are perfect here. I should also mention their selection of cakes. We had a flapjack-brownie creation (genius) and of course it was a winning combination. Do you have a favourite place for coffee? I'm always making notes of great places to visit when on my travels so let me know!


  1. ahh this place is so nice and rustic looking! Just finished lunch so it's ok to read about food haha

  2. Helga Gabrielle Weber19 March 2015 at 13:15

    Those pastries look yum!

    I don't have a favorite place for coffee but we have a Toby's Estate in my office building where I get a long black when I don't feel like having free vending coffee machine.


  3. I definitely have to come visit Birmingham for a day and try this place out, I'm actually going to be at the NEC this weekend for comic con but I haven't been into the city for the longest time so I'll have to make a special trip up there one weekend xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  4. everything look so yum! and the coffee *-* can only imagine how peaceful it is to be there


  5. I love finding new places to try in Birmingham so I'm adding this one to the list for next time I visit!

    Maria xxx

  6. Good coffee and cakes? I'm in c: What a lovely coffeeshop you've
    spotted! Xx

  7. Oooh so cool! But being such a newbie to coffee, what exactly flat white?

    Connie from theconbonz

  8. I really like this infographic: so a Flat white is an expresso with steamed milk :)

  9. I love finding new and cosy little cafes. I try to find a favourite spot whenever I travel, it makes it fun to search for new places. This looks like a nice place. <3
    Fringe Style

  10. It's a cute little place! I hope your roast duck/sushi survived the journey home yesterday!

  11. It's a great place to grab a coffee with a friend! The coffee and cakes here are awesome :D

  12. Yes definitely! This is great for a coffee and chatter. Have you been to Yorks? That's a great place to sit, eat from their cooked food menu or even work for a few hours.

  13. It's a really lovely spot! I'm glad more places like these are appearing near where I live. They all have their own little individual quirks :)

  14. Yes, I always try and research great places to stop for coffee or a bite to eat as coffee shops like these are always very much part of the local community. Food/drink is definitely high priority when I am travelling somewhere new!

  15. That settles it! I need to explore more when next I am in Brum. I usually head for Handsworth and stuff my face with Jamaican food but Next time - I shall also enjoy coffee!!

  16. Yes do - this place is my favourite for coffee at the moment! Let me know if you are ever in the city - it would be fun to catch up!

  17. It is! Definitely one of my favourite places for a coffee at the moment :)



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