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Gone Shopping Beauty make up tray Korean
Gone beauty shopping IOPE CUSHION COMPACT and 3CE Highlighter PINK
Gone Beauty Shopping Brow Tint and Lipstick
Gone Shopping Beauty tray Korean

Beauty catch up time! Over the past few months I've picked up a few items and the majority of the things I've purchased have become daily favourites. I'm a fan of Korean/Japanese make up as because they are formulated for Asian skin types, I can always find great colour matches. They're also well worth checking out as the Koreans are famed for their approach to skin care and this is often paired with a bright lip - so you're likely to find some awesome shades of lipsticks too!

3 Concept Eyes is the beauty brand from Style Nanda which is basically like Korea's Topshop. The brand is wildly successful with stores in Hong Kong and concessions within HK's IT which is how I first came across their beauty range. The Koreans love shiny, dewy skin and this highlighter is a white-pink with a subtle pearlescent finish. It's really lovely paired with some of my matte blushes.

Etude House is another Korean brand which I usually raid for gifts for friends and family as their products are often cute and affordable too. I tried their Brow Tint which I like to use to set my brows and it's quite a natural shade. I don't use this very much now as I tend to set my brows with a clear gel these days (paired with the Anastasia Brow Duo mentioned below) as sometimes I do find the shade is a bit too warm and not quite ashy enough for me.

I spend most of my time doing my brows and eyeliner and I've always heard so many good things about Anastasia. I decided to give their Brow Powder Duo a go and mix it up from my usual brow pencils. It offers a really natural finish and I'm not sure I could be without it now. For extra precision I still like to finish off the edges with a pencil - pencil of choice? Definitely Shu Uemura.

This is a product I've seen on so many Beauty blogs/Youtube. I really like to use it to refresh my skin after I've washed my face or between skincare steps. It's nice to set make up too but I never ever seem to remember. It's lovely as the mist is really fine but I don't think it's a miracle worker so this is something I won't be purchasing again as it's more of an unnecessary luxury.

Matte lipsticks are my formula of choice and this Charlotte Tilbury shade is a red-coral shade. It's really wearable and brightens up my complexion instantly and it has a lovely vanilla scent too. It's not too drying but I do like to wear a little lip balm before I apply this. Plus, who doesn't love Charlotte Tilbury's rose gold packaging?

Cushion compacts have been around for ages in Asia and I bought my first one a few months ago. Since I bought this one, I've not really used any of my usual BB creams/foundations. It offers a light-medium coverage but really buildable and it's SPF50/PA++++ which is all kinds of awesome. I like that cushion compacts all come with a spare refill which is just as well as you do seem to use the product up a lot faster and like make up brushes, you must remember to wash the little applicator!

This lipstick was a bit of a gamble really. One of my favourite shades by them is #509 Violeta (sort of violet-pink) which I bought in Hong Kong and #408 Chu Chu is really nice but a lot brighter than I expected. I think this will be great in the Summer but I honestly haven't worn this very much as it's a little on the neon side.

I have a lot of primers but I've not used any other primer since I bought this and I like it a lot! It provides a super soft, smooth base for make up. It's similar in effect to Benefit's Porefessional except the consistency is more gel like and feels less heavy on the skin. 

The Koreans are big into lip tints and this one is a super pretty shade and the colour barely needs touching up at the end of the day as it does a good job of staining the lips. The scent is a funny one though, it kind of reminds me of those mini jelly pots sold in big plastic buckets that I used to obsess over whenever I visited the Chinese supermarket with my mum as a child (high five if you know what I'm talking about!). It smells exactly like those which is actually quite an artificial tropical scent. Maybe not to everyone's taste and it does't bother me as I find it oddly nostalgic!


  1. That lip tint looks so cute! I'm going to Korea later this year and can't wait to pick up some beauty products! x

  2. Oh wow that sounds awesome! I'm pretty keen on visiting too - maybe next year as I have a uni friend who is from/lives there. Plus all the food and shopping Lily! You're going to have the best time.

  3. Like, like, like your blog! Every post is so interesting! You did a
    great job!

    p.s. new
    post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. I'm so tempted to pick up the 3 Concept Eyes highlighter but I'm alr beginning to fear that with HK heat and humidity, I won't need any base makeup, blush or highlighter soon! And of course you know I'm enamoured with all things Etude House ;) miss you W! x

  5. I love this post! I've been wanting to try some new lip tints so I'll check out the Etude House ones.

  6. Thanks Annabelle! Beauty posts are one of my favourite things so I'm glad you like it. I'm wearing the Etude lip tint today - it's so good when you can't be bothered to keep touching up lipstick.

  7. Aha yes - soon only tissues/blotting sheets will be your beauty products of choice. Oh man, HK Summers are just crazy, the next time I experience that will be next year when we do a family trip in the Summer. Miss ya too dude! I'm meeting Mandy this weekend and it just won't be the same without you x

  8. tried IOPE cushion once and it failed on my dry skin :( maybe should give etude a try. but their lippies and tints are very drying on me, i'm hopeless huhuh been craving 3CE for a long time! maybe should really give it a go soon. you have wonderful staples bb <3


  9. Oh no that's not good! My skin used to be quite dry but I switched moisturisers and use skin essences too and combined, they give me a better base for make up. Shame about the tints - I often like to apply some and then apply a tinted lip balm/sheer lipstick over the top so that the colour is enhanced but lips are moisturised. That's how I wore mine today :) x

  10. would you share your skin care regime sometime? along with products you used. i'm still finding my holy grail so i'm kinda curious to see yours ^^

  11. Ooh yeah that sounds like a fun post! I change my routine all the time but I will definitely do a post on it sometime soon :) x

  12. Absolutely loving the look of that Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, the packaging is so luxurious! Also really like the lay-out of your blog, and the way you photographed your items! It is such a pleasure for the eye :) You definitely got yourself a new follower here :)

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  13. Susan Dollparts17 March 2015 at 22:41

    I really want the anastasia beverlyhills brow dip :3 love this post, so many interesting products :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@Susan Dollparts

  14. Oh the Charlotte Tilbury packaging is gorgeous - the lipsticks are definitely the best in terms of packaging in her range. I'm so happy to read that you like my photos/layout - thanks so much for your lovely words Mel! They've made my day x

  15. Yeah the brow dip is super popular isn't it? I've wondered whether to try that next too. It must give a more precise finish compared to shadow, I'm intrigued too! :)

  16. Wow! These products are all so gorgeous. I think I already have a little crush on the IOPE Cushion Compact!


  17. i'm definitely a sucker for beauty products with good packaging. I really liked that the highlighter came with a little brush inside too - so handy! The IOPE cushion is great. I need to use the refill soon!

  18. Lovely haul. The cushion compact is quite convenient, isn't it? Love the bright lippies you got, too. I've tried the Anastasia eyeshadow powder and it's very good ;) I would really love to try Charlotte Tilburry!! She has to bring her brand to Asia!



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