Sunday, January 25, 2015


Cereal magazine volume 8 tea and strawberries portrait
Cereal magazine volume 8 landscape
Cereal magazine volume 8 star ferry hong kong
Cereal magazine volume 8 dim sum hong kong
Cereal magazine volume 8 tea and strawberries
Closing the lid of my laptop, sitting cross legged in bed, a cup of tea to hand and flicking through a magazine on a day off or a weekend, is my idea of switching off for a little while. I've been meaning to buy Cereal magazine for the longest time and finally got myself a copy. Along with the likes of Kinfolk, it isn't your usual glossy magazine. The pages of stunning travel and food photography and beautiful anecdotes give me serious wanderlust. Along with subjects like Art and Fashion - it really is the dreamiest magazine. Cereal is printed on the loveliest matt paper stock too, it sounds really nerdy but the paper is really satisfyingly weighty - so good! It just so happens that the latest volume of Cereal includes a little feature on Hong Kong and some of my favourite things - dim sum and HK's star ferry.

"Of course, dim sum isn't dim sum without the tea that goes with it. Indeed the way to say that you are eating dim sum in Cantonese is, confusingly, to announce you are 'drinking tea' - yum cha"
Cereal Magazine Vol. 8, 'Dim Sum' Charlie Lee-Potter

In other news, I've had a lovely weekend with a quick trip to London to see some friends. Naturally, this revolved around food and I booked us into the newly opened Korean restaurant JinJuu which is the brainchild of Korean-American chef, Judy Joo and I'm already hoping to go back at some point. So the next instalment of Winnie Eats will be coming very, very soon. I can't wait to share the pics with you guys!


  1. I love cereal magazine for their beautiful photography and simplicity. Can't wait to see your photos from JinJuu, might have to try it myself :)
    Have a lovely weekend! x

  2. The magazine looks so pretty! It's making me crave dim sum a little.
    I'd love to see what JinJuu is like! It seems I'm gonna have a lot of things to try when I get back to London.

  3. What a beautiful magazine! Minimalist layout design is my favourite. Can't wait to hear about your London eats - I shall live vicariously through you! x

  4. This magazine looks wonderful, and the photography in it is beautiful! Oh, and I now crave dim sum. That's a lovely quote, too. Can't wait to hear about your weekend! :)


  5. What a nice magazine! I love your photos as always

  6. I've been craving Korean food so bad lately but there are hardly any places to go for it so I'm definitely going to have to check out Jinjuu when I go to London next month!

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  7. These photos are so beautiful! They make me feel so cozy :)
    That magazine looks really nice! I hope you have a great weekend Winnie :)


  8. Ooh... I really like it when magazines are made of such high quality material. Makes me feel so good :) Dim sum's so good. If I ever go to HK, I definitely need to try out the dim sum there.

    Connie from theconbonz

  9. Love those type of magazines! Gorgeous pictures :)

  10. So I took a couple of Cereal away with me to Scotland one time. I got delayed at the airport for about 5 hours and read the whole thing, let's just say I was an expert of Rice, Corn and Wheat after my trip!

    Buckets & Spades

  11. Ooooh pretty pictures! Can't wait to see your London pics :)


  12. It was ages, but only once. I don't think I could have taken in much more about Wheat and rice. My fav mag is called Printed Pages. I just haven't travelled enough, I have the savings to do some pretty special trips though.

  13. I love this! I am with you on paper, it's great when you can tell the quality is ace.I have not bought one yet, but I love their guides. /Madison
    Insta-Living Vol. 05

  14. Thanks Mili. My post on JinJuu will be up tomorrow - London is just so good for food :)

  15. Yes the paper quality is just so gorgeous and make those magazines so much more than a usual magazine. I'm yet to check out their guides but they do sound awesome!

  16. thestylecrusader27 January 2015 at 22:40

    Winnie, this magazine looks and sounds amazing. I love magazines with ultra thick matte paper - totally get what you mean by that being satisfying. If I spy this at a shop I will definitely get a copy! Thanks for the tip!


  17. I collect mags (well only because I work in magazines!) and Cereal has always been one of my faves! If you can find it where you are, there is a local Aussie mag called Frankie which I love too.

  18. Yep, definitely do Jen! They're such a good looking magazine too and the minimal layout is just perfect. I've got a growing Kinfolk pile at home....and now Cereal magazine has been another one to add to the mix.

  19. I have heard good things about Frankie so I'll definitely have to buy a copy. Cereal is just lovely isn't it? Does make me want to book a plane ticket out of here though and just explore and take photos!

  20. I haven't read a magazine in so long! Although it's so nice to close the laptop and unwind for a couple of hours :)

    Saadiya x

    || That Girl; Saadiya ||

  21. I'd highly recommend Cereal/Kinfolk. They are the ultimate treat magazine! So aesthetically pleasing as well as great curated content!



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