Sunday, October 12, 2014


birthday cake 17th
Birthday 17 Fuji instax hello kitty mini 90 neo classic
birthday 17 instax film
There is just something that is unbeatable when it comes to instant film. Compared to digital photography, instant film (and film in general) reminds you of how fleeting that moment is in time. Each moment is captured with no messing around with deleting unwanted photos or editing. Unlike the 1000s of photos I have stored on my hard drive, Instax films are the only things I make a real effort to keep in a photo album. Birthdays are just one of those ephemeral moments which I try and capture with my Fuji Instax and I gifted my little sister a Mini 90 Neo Classic for her 17th. It looks so much more sophisticated compared to my own Hello Kitty Instax. I'm looking forward to seeing how she uses the camera and even more intrigued at the prospect of the ability to create double exposures!


  1. I need to print off photos, I love looking through old photo albums!

    Maria xxx

  2. Instant film is quite special compared to digital photography - it has that tangible quality that makes it seem more meaningful compared to looking at a computer screen. Looking forward to seeing what instant film you make!

  3. what a wonderful present, i'm jealous! happy birthday to the special little lady :)

    becky ::

  4. What a great gift! I can't wait to see mini instax double-exposures. :)

  5. Instant camera!!! So cute!! I want one with rilakkuma ^___^

    恵美より ♥

  6. Such a cute camera! There really is something just so personal about instant photos, your sister must've been so happy with her present! I saw some of the pastel versions of this camera being sold in Tokyo the other day, so tempted to get one! xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

  7. I cannot operate an Instax for the life of me. Sorry I mean my lomo with the Instaback. The photos never process correctly. I love how your little sister's cake is sooooo chinese. Your family. Seriously.


  8. this reminds me that i need to break out my instax more often! the mini seems really versatile -- i have the big version and it can be clunky to carry around.


  9. The cake looks delicious! and the hallo kitty camera is too cute! :)

  10. Agreed, now that is a nice looking piece of kit! Do you use it a lot and would you recommend it Winnie? Thanks for the comment on my last post, I'm glad it brought some emotion, it was kinda sad but some photogenic.

    Buckets & Spades

  11. I love this, and still have an old 80s Polaroid insta camera. I only use it for special occasions. These are great photos. Hope you enjoy the weekend. Happy autumn. xx
    Tech, Style, and Prep

  12. I'm so jealous of your Hello Kitty instant camera. It's so cute! :)



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