Sunday, September 07, 2014


winnie graffiti
Graffiti Side Wall
Sally and Winnie Graffiti
brighton smile graffiti
These photos were taken what feels like forever ago now and it makes me smile just looking at these photos. They were taken way back at the beginning of Summer when I visited Brighton with a whole bunch of friends on a perfect sunny weekend. It was a brilliant weekend and of course my friend Sally (who now lives in Australia - miss you dude) and I couldn't resist taking photos in front of this graffiti wall. I definitely need to make a visit to Brighton again when I am back from Hong Kong - in fact, I'm probably sitting on my flight back to the UK watching the in-flight entertainment right about now wishing I was still firmly still on HK soil! 


  1. I love the graffiti in the background! It makes your photos even more colorful.

  2. Love your dress and the graffiti wall <3

  3. These photos are so cool!! I do that too, you know? Just look at old photos and smile at the memories :)


  4. These are such fun photos! I've always wished that I lived near more graffiti walls, they make such great backdrops :)

  5. You look so happy here, I love these pictures!

    Maria xxx

  6. These photos are so cool, especially the graffiti wall. Oh, how I miss Brighton sometimes. :) Happy weekend!

  7. Wonderful graffiti!

  8. Love these photos. Graffiti always makes a great backdrop!



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