Sunday, August 10, 2014

A little escape

A Little Escape Title Flowers Blossom
Cos Collar and Necklace Outfit
Collar - COS, Jumper - Topshop, Skirt  - ASOS, Sandals - Carvela Bag - Vintage MCM, Necklace - ASOS, Bracelets - Gogo Philip and Love Hearts and Crosses Rings - Monica Vinader
COS Collar and Necklace
Blossom Flowers
Mcm outfit blossom
It's SO nearly time for holidays. There is nothing like escaping for a little while where everyday is something new and exciting rather than the usual day-to-day in the ol' office. While flying back to Hong Kong is nothing new (to be honest, it's a 2/3 year necessity to keep my Hong Kong ID card going) it's good to go back to somewhere familiar with family and plenty of friendly faces. I'm beginning to think about what things to pack, what I need to purchase as well as gifts for family. In terms of clothes, this jumper is definitely NOT going to come with me seeing as I've been told the heat is kind of horrendous at the moment (think 28˚c and 90% humidity at 8am). Plenty of basics, shorts and definitely a light layer or two to fend off the extreme air con in restaurants/shopping malls. With just a couple of weekends to go...I better start making some lists!


  1. Eee I love reading about your jaunts to HK - but I can't help but be incredibly jealous! I'm so confused with weather lately too, never know what to pack/wear <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. I love your pink sweater and blue skirt combo, especially with the blue collar stickign out. Very chic! And I know what you mean about hot weather - I keep wanting to go out, but the sun and humidity makes it awful to even step outside for too long.

  3. I love your outfit. Super colorful and wearable for the summer.

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

  4. Your outfit is adorable. I hope you enjoy your holiday!

  5. That bag is so cute! Enjoy your holiday x

  6. You have the loveliest outfits Winnie! And what beautiful pictures as well :)

  7. I fell in love with the color of your pull *_*


  8. So cute! I am a huge fan of polkadots. They can do no wrong in my book! Always makes an outfit look great =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  9. I absolutely love this outfit! Polka dots are my absolute favourite print, but my favourite part of this outfit has to be that scalloped collar! It is so gorgeous.

    Very jealous to hear you're heading off to Hong Kong too! I was in Taiwan for a couple of weeks recently, staying with family (though my family are all originally from Hong Kong too) and there is something about Asia which I really love. There is a certain atmosphere about the place, not to mention the amazing food! Where else can you get 'lo baat go' for 'siu yeh' at 2 am?! (I really hope that Canto pronunciation makes sense to you, haha!) I've only been to HK once, as a baby, so I would love to make a trip back in the near future. Hopefully my Canto will improve as well!

    Can't wait to see some pictures of your travels! X

  10. Bahaha I was just about to say (before I saw the blog text) was that it looks like UK is permanently in spring mode with the florals and your layered outfits. Seriously am not going outside these days to the point my tailor told me I gained an inch of weight in the hips. Maybe I should suck it up and stand outside in the sauna we call HK and sweat off that extra fat? :P

    That list better include seeing me. :P


  11. Love your outfit. It is so sweet. Majorly jealous of your upcoming trip! Aside from the heat it sounds like it's going to be awesome. I'm hoping for lots of food related photos! xx

  12. Love your sweet outfit! I hope you enjoy your holiday in Hong Kong!!

  13. Love the little scalloped collar, such a sweet little detail. I hope you have a lovely holiday! To be honest the ID card situation sounds like a really great excuse for making sure you give yourself a few holidays a year ;)

  14. I always think a change is as good as rest! Love the pretty pink jumper. Have a fab time in Hong Kong.

  15. Ahhh I really want that COS collar in navy now! Saw a baby one in Gothenburg which was so cute! Love these pics, can I come in your suitcase please?!

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