Sunday, July 20, 2014


Red Bean Ice Lolly Ice PopIt's been a whirlwind few weeks at home and normal outfit posts shall resume but to fill in the gaps a little - my days have mostly been filled with family and food! My relatives who have been staying for just under a month fly back to Hong Kong on Monday. It won't be long until it's my turn to visit though, so I'm looking forward to being back in HK soon.
Nike Pegasus 83 Vogue Girl Korea
Today involves eating up the last of their red bean ice lollys that they have left in the fridge, devouring more of their wonderful cooking and some of my own usual Sunday routine which often involves shooting things for the blog. One of these things to shoot are these Nike Pegasus 83s. I couldn't resist the fluro orange and pink!
Nike Pegasus 83
Lastly - there's some downtime and I like watching Youtube/Korean variety shows/catching up on magazines and having a bit of a pamper. I'll be watching the new episodes of Sailormoon Crystal 美少女戦士 tonight. Such childhood nostalgia!
Laptop Magazine Scene
Oh Sundays, how I love them especially when I wake up at 6am and have a minor panic that it's a work day then happily realise it's Sunday! Though I tend to hate them immediately when I realise it's 10pm and the weekend is over! I'm off to help assist in the kitchen - see me over on Instagram for some updates...


  1. Sounds like a relaxing and pampering weekend c:
    I still have to see Sailormoon reallyy is it any good?

  2. I've been watching the new Sailor Moon too! It seems like the anime is sticking very closely to the original manga, which means less fillers, so the story seems more promising.

  3. Cute! My flatmate and I used to watch sailormoon, lol. Love those Nikes and the colours too!

  4. Ah those sneakers are awesome!! And love that cover I would buy it just for that! Cute blog, following via Bloglovin.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Love to see what you've been up to. I agree about those times on the weekend. It's a bit like last night when I woke up at 1am and thought it was time to get up for work. It was the best feeling ever to realise that actually I had another 5 hours in bed.

  6. yummm red bean popsicles!
    Sundays go by so quickly :/ next thing you know the day is over

  7. Always enough time to buy a new pair of Nikes!

    Buckets & Spades Blog

  8. red bean popsicles and Sailor Moon! you just described my childhood. also can't wait to visit family in HK soon <3

  9. Oh, I hate when waking up in weekend thinking it's a working day, it's awful, once realized that is Sunday after dressed up and while unlocking the frond door to go out...
    Home cleaners Hampstead

  10. Love those Nikes!

    <3 Emma

  11. Love the trainers and am very curious about the ice-cream - red beans??? who knew... x

  12. Cute photos!! Love the sneakers!!

    - Kristine B

  13. I love the colors in your Nikes. They're so fun and fresh!

  14. Hahha I myself like the fact that your family always ends up in HK. Not that I have any benefits to that (jk). Your Nikes are super cute- you should photograph your growing sneaker collection together. Seriously it's ridiculously humid here- stifling really. I'm ready to go back north- be prepared to sweat buckets (and eat loads).


  15. Sounds like a perfect Sunday! I love those Nikes, I always think fluro colours look so nice against pale grey. I want your Rilakkuma pillow too!

  16. Yes I always hate it when we arrive at Sunday night. Next week I have monday of though hurrah! Love the orange accents on the trainers.

  17. I love the photos (as usual :P)! And yay for you going to Hong Kong! I always love your HK posts! Okay, so can we just talk about your kicks for a moment!?!?! I love them! The colors are great. I'm glad you enjoyed your Sunday ^_^

  18. Love the pictures!!

  19. yay for chilling out! and YAY for the trainers - they're fab!
    Ooh where's the beaker from? I picked up a similar one in New Look the other day! :)



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