Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sunny Brighton

katie'shenThe main reason I was in Brighton a few weekends ago was to celebrate one of my oldest friend's hen do. We needn't have worried about the weather that weekend because despite it looking a little gloomy when we first arrived, the following morning, we were greeted with bright blue skies and a beautiful sea view from our apartment. It was wonderful to wake up in the morning and see little white sails bobbing up and down in the distance and Brighton Pier just a stones throw away. Oh how envious I am to those of you that live near the sea! 
We started the day with some awesome personalised hot cross buns and then we skipped on over to the Brighton Wheel where we had some pretty stunning views of Brighton. I was pretty pleased that I had brought my DSLR along for the ride, look at the views!
From the wheel, we spotted Crazy Golf and decided that we had to add that to our activities for the day. I started off well and momentarily thought my Golf-playing dad would be proud of me, until I rapidly started going downhill. I even managed to make the golf ball jump over bridges, co-ordination not so good over here that's for sure!
crazygoldsea shot
BeachandfishandchipsAfter some fish and chips on the beach (of course!) we headed on over to a crafty afternoon where we decorated teapots. Champagne, Tea and cake were all involved of course - how very British!
The evening involved a lovely meal, a trip to Brighton Pier where we found warmth in the Arcade. Arcades make me feel like a small child again (memories of my determined dad spending £'s on the grabber machines winning soft toys for me and my sisters!) and it's perhaps the only time where I am excited about a purse full of 2p's. My personal favourite is ALWAYS the air hockey.
Of course, it wouldn't be a hen party without a night out and we danced away the rest of the night and into the morning at a club on the seafront. It really was a fantastic weekend and now I can't wait until the wedding on Saturday, Ahh!


  1. I love Brighton! Never been on the wheel though, that picture of the deck chairs is great!

    Looks like such a fun hen do.

    Saskia /

  2. Beautiful photos! I really want to visit Brighton, it looks like so much fun! Hx

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time! I've always wanted to visit Brighton, it looks like the stuff of nostalgic dreams :)

  4. Such incredible photos Winnie! I love the birds' eye view onto the beach. Looks like you had a great time celebrating for Katie's hen! x

  5. Lovely post, pretty photos :)

  6. eeep! I love your photography, Winnie! Brighton looks beautiful, I love the photo of the seafront! x

  7. Ah this seems like so much fun! Definitely wanna go to Brighton someday, it looks like a beautiful place :)

  8. Ahh, beautiful photos Winnie! Brighton makes me think of my teens, visiting friends from there. Have a lovely weekend.

    Fashion Tales Seaside Interiors

  9. Long time, no see! These photos are gorgeous and simply outstanding. From what I've seen and heard of Brighton from other blogs and tv it looks so pretty.

  10. I love Brighton. I went there a few weeks ago and fell in love...except for when the seagulls stole my food.
    These pictures look great - I need to go back.

  11. love your yellow capped shoes! they are too cute. i'm starting uni in brighton in september and your photos just made me soooo excited!

  12. Brighton seems to be such a lovely place!
    I loved your pics, looks like you had a really nice time
    Your blog is amazing, so glad I found it, let's keep in touch


  13. Oh Winnie these photos look so fun and beautiful! The bakery treats at the beginning look so delicious, and the views of the beach are so perfect!

  14. Your blog is fabulous Winnie, love it - just followed! ♥
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


  15. Oh my word look at the views! Stunning photos Winnie! Looks like you had a lovely weekend, I especially love the personalise hot cross buns also, how sweet! XX

  16. This looks so gorgeous and fun. I love how bright and airy everything looks!

  17. Beautiful pictures!
    This looks so fun.

  18. Absolutely stunning pictures indeed!

    Very well done girl it gives me a very good impression :D

    Happy Monday Girl!

    Cant’ wait to see you back on my blog !

    FIT&FAB - Hydrapak Review Wooley Bottle
    Visit The Fashion Milkshake Blog

  19. So wonderful! And the weather was perfect, too. Cannot wait to be there, too. x

  20. Brighton looks beautiful and I LOVE the personalised hot cross buns, how ace are they?!

    Maria xxx

  21. This looks like so much fun. I've never been to Brighton but I totally want to go. That photo you took from the ferris wheel looking down on the street/beach is incredible! xx

  22. Ahh how I loved strolling through Brighton in the sun!! Used to be such a great way to escape London without having to go too far! X

  23. Brighton looks amazing from the air! I went there for a hen night many years ago, it is just perfect for a girls day and night out. Love the tea pot painting idea.

  24. Winnie, Brighton looked so stunning through your Instagram photos and now on your blog! It looks almost surreal with the pastel shades and bright sunlight. So happy you're celebrating with friends- I just had my cousin's bridal shower last night and it thunderstormed so I had to bring in all the bunting back inside T-T


  25. Your photos are stunning! I've heard so many good things about Brighton recently and I'm now dying to go, I've never been! Also teapot decorating sounds amazing, love the little Rilakkuma on yours! xx

    ☾ ☾

  26. Love your photos! Brighton looks like a sweet place :D



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