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Posted on: 23 March 2014

Ladybird Blouse - Jaeger Boutique, Travel Wallet c/o Aspinal of London
On Instagram, I seem to follow two types of people - foodies and bloggers (food and travel envy are two emotions that I experience daily) Some of the latter always happen to be travelling to some pretty awesome destinations and right now, I could definitely do with some warmer climes - oh to be sitting on a beach! While I don't have any immediate plans to travel out of the country, I am pretty prepared for my short trip back to Hong Kong in er...about 5 months. Cue Aspinal of London and this perfect little Classic Travel Wallet from their Travel Accessories collection. The wallet is in their poppy pebble colourway - a pretty red-orange shade, crafted from the softest leather and lined in silk. It has all the necessary compartments for all your travel documents and I love how smart it is! I had it embossed with my initials and I am obsessed with it - I'm not sure if I can wait 5 months to use it - someone take me on holiday please?


  1. That really is a beautiful travel companion. I also adore your camera! xx

  2. This is beautiful! Think this would make a lovely Mother's Day present for my mum actually. HK in summer is like the only thing getting me through this boring limbo of Spring!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  3. That is such a gorgeous colour! And so handy too, love it! xx

  4. Love it!

  5. This wallet/travel purse is amazing <333
    love that it's tabbed and such and the
    color is beautiful c: Xx

  6. In love with this! I've been debating picking one up for my imminent travels actually, and the monogram detail is THE perfect touch.

  7. I love it! Too beautiful.

  8. I adore the travel pouch, it's absolutely perfect, what a lovely colour too!

    Tweet xx

  9. That travel pouch is soooo cute! I have a travel pouch from MUJI and it is definitely not as cute as yours. I have the same Hello Kitty Instax too!

    Five months until your next vacation? That's a bummer, but hopefully the five months will fly by~~

  10. Wonderful post. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  11. Your wallet is such a beautiful color!

  12. It's a nice wallet and seems so useful :)

  13. Cute camera, darling Winnie!

  14. the travel wallet is awesome
    I must get one too ^^
    Keep in touch

  15. Ahhh how am I not following you on IG, Winnie!? :] Will def have to do so. Love the post! Hope you're doing well! X


  16. Loving the entire look :D
    You look so cute :D And really like your wallet !!

    Just got back in the game after a long break and missed you girl :D

    Got a new post up and can’t wait to see your opinion!

    Happy Week!


    Loreal Steampod Review
    Visit The Fashion Milkshake Blog

  17. Love the color of your wallet!!

  18. I'm trying to be more proactive on IG but it can be so hard sometimes. Oh. My. Gosh. That is the perfect travel wallet I have ever seen and thanks so much for sharing -- must invest in one! x

  19. lovely post.
    how fun to go to hong kong. wish I could go there some time.

  20. Hey beauty you have a really nice blog,love your style,taste and pictures .Visit my blog,and if you like it, follow me I will do the same =) Have a nice day =)

  21. The travel wallet is so cute and i love the Hello Kitty Instax!! Wanna follow each other? Let me know! Kisses

  22. great wallet I can't wait to travel xx

  23. Love the polka dot blouse and the red travel cool is that..?

  24. That travel wallet is just beeaauutiful. I love the colour - what a good excuse to go travelling!

    Saskia /

  25. Oh the color is just gorgeous! This is such a handy thing I'd love!

  26. always loved that Hello Kitty instant cam! will be the perfect hipster way to capture Hong Kong's skyline :)

  27. OMG, that is such a chic and functional wallet, esp with how it has diff compartments for diff usage. and the vibrant color is sooo pretty and defo an easy way to find your wallet amongst all that stuff inside ones bag, least thats the case for me as i always carry big'ish bags with heaps of stuff inside it. Btw, i didn't know Aspinal did such cute products!!!

    I'm off to Sydney next Saturday for 10 days, im already counting down, lol..but no worries, Aug will come before you know it and you'll be in the land of food and fashion paradise (aka HONG KONG!!!), hehe

    btw, i notice you been posting on Sundays usually. Do you tend to stick to one post per week now?

    Have a lovely weekend, Winnie=D

    p.s. you defo need to visit Copenhagen!! I can give you some tips if you ever do go =)


  28. Such a practical wallet!

    Stella | stellashek

  29. This is lovely, definitely not helping with my itchy feet! ;) Not going anywhere exotic this year but am really looking forward to Edinburgh and Jersey later in the year :D

    Maria xxx

  30. This is beautiful, definitely going to leave this post open on my laptop in front of my boyfriend until he gets the hint and buys me one!

    Come say hello, Tweet Tweet xx

  31. Do we just have to use it as a travel wallet?

    This is gorgeous! Might just have to treat myself.

    Hmm maybe...


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