Triangular Love: Wolf and Moon

27 January 2013

Wolf and Moon logo
I'm on a bit of a jewellery kick lately on this blog but a jewellery label I discovered last year was Wolf & Moon by Goldsmith graduate, Hannah Davis. Back in September when I was at a gloriously sunny Bestival, I found the Secret Emporium which was full of little stalls from independent British designers (yay!). Not only did I find the lovely guys at I am Acrylic, I spent ages umming and ahhing over the beautiful wooden and perspex jewellery made by Hannah and I ended up settling for the inlaid triangle necklace. I asked if she could swap it for a longer chain which she kindly did for me there and then! I also bought the little red triangle earrings too.
Wolf and Moon Necklace
Wolf and Moon jewellery
wolf and moon earrings
Triangle earrings
I really do recommend Wolf & Moon and I think that each piece is really quite special! I've noticed a trend with triangular jewellery lately and I bought the one on the right in the picture above in Hong Kong last year. I must admit, I'm quite partial to this trend and I need more triangular jewellery in my life...


One Snowy Day

22 January 2013

Snowy Day walks
This weekend, like many other bloggers I took the opportunity to take some photos in the snow. I must have seemed crazy to anyone who looked out their windows when I discarded my coat and scarf (draped around my sister) while she took the photos. I'm still fascinated by snow and how it can turn suburban life into a winter wonderland but the fun doesn't seem to last for long. These wellies are my staple footwear now until the snow melts away.
Snowy Day
Fir Tree in the snow
Snowy day
Snowy Day details
Coat - Vivienne Westwood, Scarf - Gift, Hat - Accessorize, Cardi - River Island, Blouse - Topshop, Necklace - A perfect gift from Sam from Sam Is Home, Skirt  - Good One, Knee socks - Primark, Wellies - c/o Havaianas
Flowers in the snow
Snowy day 1
Snowy day goodies
So what do I do when it's cold and snowy outside? Catch up with blogs, watch Korean dramas and flick through everyone's snowy Instagram pics on my phone. I finally got round to starting the Murakami 1Q84 trilogy that has been sitting on my bookshelf since forever. I literally bought the set months ago but I keep forgetting to read it - mostly because Murakami novels command your full attention and are nothing short of an intense read. He is absolutely brilliant.


Alexander McQueen SS13 : Menswear and Accessories

19 January 2013

Menswear header
McQueen Dragonfly Print Jacket and Cardigan Dragonfly print
Dragonfly embroidery
Dragonfly tie
Bee flats
McQueen Accessories 3
McQueen Accessories 2
Lemon Bags McQueen Accessories 4 McQueen Structured McQueen Bee Choker
What can I say other than how amazing Alexander McQueen SS13 is? It's hard for me to decide what my favourite pieces were as I am still pretty in love with the honeycomb details in the first blog post about this press day. The menswear is so incredibly strong and I probably spent more time looking at menswear than I did womenswear - just check out that beautiful dragonfly print and embroidery on the jackets and cardigans. I think when it comes to accessories, the tortoise shell, acrylic moulded breast plate is an absolute stunner but there is zero chance of eating anything while wearing that! They're definitely way more restrictive than a normal corset and armour-like. I've come away wanting a Alexander McQueen bag in my life with the lemon bags being firm favourites (I better start saving now). Though the real showstopper has to be the oversized, beautiful choker with it's jewelled bees. It's incredible!

In other news, how crazy has the snow been? I wasn't expecting so much snow to fall in the Midlands but I returned home early yesterday to about 4 inches of snow on my doorstep. As much as I love building snowmen, after walking half an hour from the station to my house, it's definitely the last thing I want to do - maybe I'll change my mind and venture outdoors to build a snowman this weekend but right now, I'm happy staying indoors all toasty and warm! 


A spring in my step

13 January 2013

One thing that I am definitely more conscious of doing now is being more selective when I buy clothes and jewellery. When it comes to jewellery, I try and buy really interesting and unique pieces and this ring from COS has become quite a conversation starter. I like that it's sort of a bit springy and star shaped and has a stacked ring appearance. I have a lot of love for COS and while their clothes can be a bit on the pricier side, their jewellery is really affordable and has that minimalistic quality, lots of simple but interesting designs. If you guys have any favourite places to shop for unique jewellery then I'd love to know!

I have also had one of the loveliest weekends (they go by so quickly!). One of my friends had a joint birthday and engagement party - so a big BIG congratulations to Rachael and Martin who are an awesome couple. I have a new found love for Bride magazines and vintage wedding books after perusing them this weekend with Rachael - they really are the most gorgeous things to look at EVER!


New coat, new dress and ALMOST another New Year

08 January 2013

Outfit & Fuse
Outfit & Fuse Dress
Coat - Oasis,  Dress - c/o Cutie at Fuse Clothing , Cardi - M&S, Belt - Warehouse, Bag - MCM, Shoes - Office

I've been wearing this checked duffle coat everyday since I bought it just before Christmas. It's not quite the perfect coat (it could be warmer and the hood completely obscures my vision) but it beats wearing my 5yr old Vivienne Westwood Coat out in the rain. The other new thing is this pretty little dress which was kindly gifted by Fuse Fashion, from their Cutie range. I wore it on Boxing day but because elastic waists are often quite unflattering, this dress really needs cinching at the waist with a belt, just to give a little definition. The belt is my favourite at the moment - so good to add a bit of interesting metallic detail but since it's metal, it's not your best friend when you go for a big meal with family. You know the score. Basically, I'll be leaving this belt at home when I have my Chinese New Year meal next month at my grandmas! 


Goodies from HK

05 January 2013

A few days ago my family received a belated Xmas from our family in HK and I thought I'd share them as I received some weird and wonderful things. First up were these Pretz/Pocky goodies! The flavours include Pork Cutlet and Miso (which to me, seem to taste like the normal salad Pretz with a hint of miso), Yuzu (a type of Japanese Mandarin) and Chilli Pepper which is the yummiest of them all. Sort of mandarin orange with a hint of chilli. Lastly are Earl Grey flavoured chocolate sticks which are kind of odd, I'd describe them as tea flavoured infused with orange and chocolate. I like them but my sisters aren't fans.
Yuzu and Kinkan
I also received a lovely burgundy zebra print scarf and some boiled sweets from Muji which are Yuzu and Kinkan (Kumquat) flavoured. I do wish that UK Muji stores sold their food selection. Other lovely gifts included my favourite pen eyeliner from K-Palette and some Lunasol nail polish in cool beige. They know me so well as they really must have paid attention to the things I bought during my stay last year. Lunasol is a high end Japanese brand which I liked browsing when I was in HK - their eye palettes are always really pretty and apparently, so are their nail colours! I can't wait to raid HK cosmetic stores when I visit again at some point this year.
Lunasol and Eyeliner
Lunasol Nails
There are so many things that HK do better...one of which are the toys you can collect at McDonalds (their shake shake fries are pretty fun too). Super random but my family sent each of my sisters a couple that they have collected and this is my Hello Kitty lion toy.
Hello Kitty Lion
Tea and Cookies
So that's pretty much it and it's finally the weekend yay! I started mine with a huge cup of tea from one of my awesome cups (thank you Sally!) and a little Almond cookie which were sent from Hong Kong. They are the driest, most powdery cookies you'll ever eat but I love these cookies because they remind me of my visits to Macau. There you can always see people busy making them and selling them to tourists and we always pick up a few boxes if we're visiting.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


The Band T-shirt: I'm Still Alive

02 January 2013

Big Bang Alive T-Shirt Big Bang Outfit details Cardi - Oasis, T-shirt - Big Bang Alive Tour, Skirt - ASOS, Belt - Izzue (HK) 
Tights - HOH, Ring - COS, Shoes - Converse 
I don't really wear band t-shirts anymore. There used to be a time when I was 15 when I used to wear them all the time. I EVEN used to own a Limp Bizkit t-shirt (Ohoho, yes indeed  - I thought I was the coolest). However, just like the whole 'I don't do festivals anymore' attitude that quickly disappeared when I found myself camping in a field at Bestival, I now wear this band T-shirt more often than I should. I won't bore you with more Big Bang fan girling - but yes, it is what it is!
650d Selca
In other news I have a new camera. After years of moaning about terrible quality photos on my blog, I finally upgraded and treated myself to a Canon 650d after Christmas. I'm still adjusting to the move from using a point and shoot to an SLR but it's fun. It's a vast improvement and actually makes me want to blog a lot more. So I'm pleased that my first post of 2013 starts off with a camera upgrade...but I ALREADY want to buy another lens. Oh dear.

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