Sunday, December 08, 2013

Winnie Eats : Tonkatsu!

Introducing a little restaurant in Hong Kong which is value for money as well as being a place that my hard-to-please dad actually approved of. Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, Saboten is easily missable but the basement restaurant's poster of some deep fried Tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) caught mine and my aunt's eye when I was working in HK and we ventured there for lunch one afternoon. Saboten is a huge Japanese chain specialising in Japanese cutlet with one restaurant in Hong Kong. It has pretty decent reviews over on Open Rice (Similar to Trip Advisor) and when I returned in the Summer, I took my parents and my sisters there too!

To accompany your food you can make your own tonkatsu dipping sauce which involves grinding your own sesame seeds and adding some of their house tonkatsu sauce (almost like a thick Worcestershire sauce). Grinding the black and white sesame seeds releases the oil which is lovely and fragrant.
On the menu, there are quite a number of variations of deep fried pork goodness including pork tenderloin stuffed with cheese and ham and asparagus as well as the original tonkatsu. We opted for a couple of the set menus as they come with unlimited salad (cabbage), pickles and miso soup.
SABOTEN CABBAGEThe cabbage salad is actually pretty tasty. As simple as it sounds, the shredded cabbage drizzled with the light sesame sauce and grapefruit vinegar dressing is completely moreish. The light and crunchy texture of the salad really complimented the deep fried pork dishes.
As there were quite a few of us, we were able to order lots off the menu which always makes me happy! So what can you see? We ordered an egg dish - presented in a shallow bowl in the centre which I probably wouldn't order again as we chose to have the egg semi cooked. This is how you're meant to have it but the slippery texture wasn't that appealing to me. Other things ordered were stuffed pork tenderloins, seafood set which included Ebi Fry (prawns) and an curry dish.
I really like the fun/novelty element when it comes to the sesame seed grinding as everyone gets involved. It's hardly the healthiest meal but the Tonkatsu was perfectly cooked and not too fatty. The stuffed tenderloins were fun to eat but certainly not a must have as we all agreed it was all about the Tonkatsu. Yum. Now the big question - can anyone tell me where in the UK I can find good Tonkatsu?! 


  1. STOOOOOP winnie this looks so good! xx

  2. This looks amazing, somewhere that you're encouraged to play with your food is always good!

  3. Oh hot damn, this looks so delicious. It's almost midnight yet I'm suddenly hungry. I love the look and sound of this place. Finding places like this in our European countries is pretty hard, but I guess there's always the homemade option when we have time to stand hours in the kitchen.

  4. Definitely going to be showing this post to my Dad this evening! Super excited to be headed back to HK next year! (:

  5. Lol I was like 'is this in UK?' but nope its HK.
    It looks pretty much like a real Japanese restaurant!
    Tho I don't eat pork, would love to try out their
    other dishes c; Xx

  6. Oh my gosh. This looks so incredible. I swear, your food posts are the best. Nom nom nom. Drool. xx

  7. Ughh, I'm seriously just dying over these pictures. I love making my own sauce. There's something so gratifying about grounding those sesame seeds, haha. :)

  8. Ah Tonkatsu! The thing is, my dad and sis loves them so much but I won't eat it without cheese :D
    However, your photos are mouth-watering!!

  9. All that food just looks oh so delicious.
    Plus, love the idea of having to make my own sauce! I'd go to town on that pestle e mortar!

    {Teffy’s Perks Blog} X

  10. What a wonderful experience this must have been! And the food looks really delicious and tempting. x

  11. Oh gosh, this food looks scrumptious!!!!
    xo TJ

  12. Hahaha my initial reaction was "what they have Saboten in Birmingham??" If you miss us this much and continue posting HK photos several months AFTER your trip, don't you think it's time you moved here? :)

    My friend recommended this place to me and their lunch sets are good- there's also Tonkichi which isn't bad either! Actually one of my favourite things about it is the cabbage.


  13. it's so cute how we like how tonkatsu is eaten. hehe.. :)

  14. Oh wow this looks incredible! I'm obsessed with good Asian food at the moment and this isn't helping! haha

    Hmm maybe...

  15. This looks SO good! I've never heard of tonkatsu before, but it looks like something I need to find and try ASAP. Very awesome photos.


  16. I was just about to ask thee same thing about the UK?!!? Someone must know, this looks so so good.

    Buckets & Spades

  17. This looks yummy! No idea where to find it in the UK but would love to find out.

  18. Your photos are always mouthwatering for food, haha. I am allergic to pork but the sauce looks good! xx/Madison

  19. I am in critical need of Japanese food after seeing this! Thanks for showing everyone your delicious photos that I bet made all hungry :)

  20. The food looks so good! I would love to try this place and now I'm craving Japanese food.

  21. Oh no, that looks sooo good!! :S


  22. Oh my, you've made me crave Tonkatsu super badly now! I've missed reading your blog and catching up just now has made me hungry! Haha.



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