Monday, October 28, 2013

Beauty Essentials

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When in HK, all I do is pretty much shop and eat. One of the top things on my shopping agenda is  stocking up on Asian beauty essentials. I could literally spend hours in Sasa, browsing all the brightly packaged Japanese make up. It's just a much more fun experience than Boots or Superdrug in the UK. I always buy Clean and Clear oil control films, sheet masks and BB creams. I bought the Shu Uemura eyelash curler at the airport as it's so much cheaper and a must-have tool in your make up bag.
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I love a good clay mask and I had to try Korean brand, Innisfree's best seller, the super volcanic pore clay mask in the brown tube. The clay features little volcanic clusters (from Jeju Island) and it really helps to exfoliate your skin, tighten pores, control oil and it's full of natural ingredients. I like doing masks on Sunday nights as a bit of a pamper in prep for another week at work and I really like this one and I'll certainly be repurchasing. The Innisfree green tea serum in the little green bottle has also been part of my daily routine and seems to be a great partner before moisturiser.
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I always stock up on my favourite eyeliner from K-palette and Majolica Majorca mascara (which is a lifesaver for my short Asian lashes) and the Majolica Majorca Blotting powder refill. 
I feel as if this has become a bit of an Innisfree post but I really like their BB cream which is a natural coverage (my Dr. Jart BB cream has a slightly fuller coverage) and brightening. My mum also gave me a couple of sample bottles to try and they're pretty fab to use after cleansing for that extra moisture boost. A lot of the products I've mentioned are available over at Yes Style including Innisfree, Etude House and Majolica Majorca but at slightly higher price than that of HK/Asia prices...but certainly worth a browse!


  1. Nice beautystuff haul c:
    Don't worry, eating and shopping are
    my only activities in HK as well, haha!

  2. Love the look of that Innisfree BB cream! I just ran out of my Missha one (cue heartbreak!) and might scout around for a tube of the Innisfree one now. The Majolica Majorca mascaras are my absolute favourite too, such miracle workers!

  3. Ooo, there are so many nice products here! I really like Majolica Majorca products. I'm itching to stock up on more when I get the chance, haha.

  4. That volcanic clay mask sounds so interesting. I ought to try that one day! (:

  5. i really want to try that clay mask! i hope i can find it in the US somewhere.

  6. love these products!

  7. very jealous seeing these products and knowing that I can't get my hands on them so easily! The oil control film sounds good - is it like a blotting paper or?

  8. Shu eye curler is the best.

  9. Thank yoooouuuu. i am in desperate need for new make up, but had no idea where to start. Thanks so much!!

    check out my cool showcase !

  10. Oh man, I want it all... when I get the chance to buy Japanese or Korean beauty products I always doubt if it's also for my sort of skin but then I give in and just indulge myself with the pretty designed packages until I found out I can't afford to much of it :p This looks so good!

  11. SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG *___________*

  12. oh your blog is super cute =)

  13. As always, i can never get enough of your beauty posts, Winnie!!! I actually heard my friend mention the Korean brand Innisfree but i've not tried it before. I'm really curious about the clay mask. I actually bought a charcoal face mask from Origins once, and it was quite good as well. Just in case you are interested;)

    Yes, i gotta say, MJ has been BFF with my eye lashes for a very long time. They make your eye lashes so long and with a lot of volume, i love it! Although my sis gave me a free volume mascara sample that she got in London lately, it's called Rituals and it's quite good too!

    I'v not tried the Shu uemura eye lasher curler, gotta try it one day. So far i've tried the one from Canmake (Japanese brand) and it's really good and cheap!!!

    Hope you had a relaxing weekend and enjoy your Sunday night face mask, hehe...i tend to do that as well for some me time and to prepare myself for the week ahead! Plus it's a cheaper alternative for going outside for facials, lol


  14. That face mask sounds lovely, I need something to sort out my terrible skin!

    Maria xxx

  15. I could do with a good face mask too my skin isn't great at the moment. The clay one sounds great.

  16. I love the sound of the clay mask. Having a pamper on a sunday night is such a good idea! Shopping and eating are two excellent activities, so you don't need to worry about doing much else :) xx

  17. that shu uemura lash curler must be amaziing :)

    i was walking on the mall and when i saw the prints on the blouses i ran to Mango ahah :p but then i thought that it would be better to bring the sweater instead because i'm always freezing on winter. but i'm still thinking about the blouses though

  18. hong kong beauty products have such pretty packaging!! i think i would be broke if I ever visited HK! :) xx

  19. great post. beautiful products. would you like to follow eachother?

  20. Can't live without oil sheets! These are great products and I'm happy to see more Korean brands are getting recognized on Blogs. xx

  21. Great to read about your essential products!

    I already spotted items I would like to try myself so thanks for this great post :D

    Just uploaded a new post so let me know what you think Girl :D

    Happy Monday!


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    Rebro Cosmetics Haul!

  22. Ooh! I think this might be my first time hearing about Innisfree. I will have to check their stuff out. The mask sounds wonderful!



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