Tuesday, September 10, 2013


T-Shirt - HK Boutique, Jacket - Topshop, Shorts and Bag - Aland, Shoes - Converse, Necklace - Vintage
This transitional weather is confusing - I'm wrapped up all lovely and warm in the morning and then when work is over, the sun is out, it's several degrees warmer and there is not much need for a coat. Despite this, Autumn is definitely one of my favourite months and I know I won't get much more wear out of this little Topshop jacket which I picked up a few months ago. I'm wearing it with one of my HK purchases - my new favourite shorts from Korean store, Aland which has been described as a Korean Urban Outfitters. The store is a new addition to Lee Gardens in Causeway Bay since my visit last year and it's a fun place to browse - both my sisters loved it!  My new stripey Converse were a find in Mong Kok, I seriously live in Converse so it's always great to add another colour to the collection. Lastly, this Apricot Etude House lip crayon is one of my favourite things, a little more moisturising than my usual Revlon lip stain but with less colour impact. It's a nice little addition to my daily make up. Look out for a beauty post on what I picked up from HK...coming soon!


  1. Oh my gosh! Those Converse are absolutely amazing, I don't think I've seen stripey ones before. I'll have to pass this post link over to the little sis for her perusal (: adore your jacket Winnie, I spent the longest time dithering over that, only for it to sell out! xx

  2. Ugh, I feel exactly the same way about the transitional period between seasons! I prefer it when the weather's either straight up hot or cold, haha. I'm really loving your outfit by the way, especially that gorgeous bag!

  3. I love your jacket and I hate dressing at this time of year! x

  4. i'm so envious that you guys have transitions! here we are with summer all year long :(( i want to wear warm comfy clothes!

  5. Autumn is definitely the time where I start to re-learn how to perfect my layering!! Crazy weather.

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


  6. I hate this time of year too, it's so irritating being sweating one minute, freezing the next, rainy, sunny... I can never decide what to actually wear! Those chucks are really cool, I've not seen that pattern/colour before & I love the little biker, definitely get as much wear from it as possible before it's too cold!

  7. Ooh lovin' the Converses & bag!

  8. i feel a bit hit and miss with the etude apricot sticks but damn they smell tasty, I didnt realise how rich the colour would be! also love the outfit ^^

  9. Oh my gosh, that coat is just phenomenal! I agree that transitional weather is weird to deal with. Every day is a battle between shorts or long pants for me right now, haha.

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  10. LOVE the converse ! I've never seen that print :)

  11. I really love the jacket and the lovely necklace. I am really struggling with what to wear at the moment with the weather changing. Friday I finally gave in and wore tights.

  12. Oh, I love the Converses! Great outfit!

  13. transition? TRANSITION? *pulls on eighteenth jumper and mutters from behind a hot chocolate* xx

  14. I love this outfit, that jacket is lovely!

    Maria xxx

  15. Love the colours in your outfit babe!! They look cute together!

    jYukimi xxx
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  16. Great outfit, your converse are perfect!

  17. Great outfit and love your lip colour!
    This is a really great post :)


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  18. Oh I love everything about this outfit. Funny enough you say the jacket is a very trans-seasonal item whereas I'd probably be wearing that for several months starting in.. November. It's still blazing hot here and I'm waiting to debut my A Boy Named Sue leather jacket.

    And yay to A-Land. I wonder if they'll open a store in the UK anytime soon?


  19. Awesome jacket! I never quite know what to do with cropped jackets but looks awesome with that outfit. I know what you mean about this weird transitional weather, I just want it hot or cold! XXX

  20. the jacket is topshop? what a lovely find - the diamond pattern is just perfect!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  21. Those stripy Converse are super dooper



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