Thursday, September 05, 2013

Glitzy Macau

Macau is just a short 45 min ferry ride from Hong Kong and it's known as the 'Las Vegas of China'. Mainly because of the thriving Casino culture which sees huge influxes of mainland China tourists and also HKers who like to visit for a short weekend. I've visited many, many times now and last year I stayed at the wonderful Banyan Tree. This time we stayed at the Sheraton hotel which was not as fancy as Banyan Tree but it sure did have all the ammeneties. Starbucks, McDonalds, Sushi, Steak, Dim Sum, Hot Pot and endless luxury brands which all exist within the same hotel complex. It's kind of crazy. However, one evening we escaped the Hotel and caught one of the free hotel shuttle buses into town to walk around Macau at night. 
Above is the old Casino Lisboa which they have spruced up with lots of flashy neon lighting and below is the upgrade - the Grand Lisboa with it's distinctive design. My dad calls it 'the perfume bottle' and I rather love the curves and the dome design. I have heard a huge buffet exists inside the Grand Lisboa - Asia's largest. This is kind of saying something as the Chinese take buffets seriously - remember this?
GrandLisboa GrandLisboa
Here is a view from the Sheraton. On the left, are the hotel pools. At the time of visiting, HK/Macau was still recovering from a Typhoon (the ferry ride over was SERIOUSLY bumpy and took 15 minutes longer than usual!)  so testing the pool wasn't really my idea of fun. On the right is a prime example of what Macau is like. It's a constant building site which isn't always pretty. Every time I visit, there is a brand new hotel complex, boasting more luxury shops and pools. For example, it's once famed Fisherman's Wharf is in the process of being knocked down and revamped. My family say that Macau, at least the old town (more on this soon!), is like old school Hong Kong in the 60s - but it's catching up fast.
Venetian_canalOne of the hotels I really dislike is the Venetian. Yep - Macau has it's very own Venetian. I'm not the biggest fan because it's fake inside/outside design is so claustrophobic, cheesy and parts of the hotel still allow smoking. We ventured over because they had a Lord Stows shop inside which is famous for it's Portuguese tarts (FYI - Macau was a former Portuguese colony and it's dual heritage is actually pretty interesting - see this super old post). Last year we visited this one which was way more effort than it was worth as it wasn't the easiest finding return transportation. 
Venturing into the crazy Venetian with it's finest fake Sistine chapel ceiling was worth it for these babies. Oh how I love and miss these! The ones at the Venetian are just as fresh but not to worry if you can't get to Macau, there is a Lord Stows at the Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.  Though when in Macau, eating Portuguese egg tarts should definitely be on your to do list!


  1. I haven't yet managed to visit Macau! Terrible weather or super busy timing means that we always fall at the last hurdle. Your photos look amazing though! Determined to visit that little bridged area - Boys Over Flowers, eeek! xx

  2. such pretty lights from the casino

  3. Nice photoos *-*


  4. It really could be in Las Vegas, if you took away the language and told me it was I'd believe you. A couple of years ago they planned to turn our town into the Las Vegas of the UK, casino land basically. It fell through, our town is super tacky so it has the basis to work but it would have been horrible. Glad it fell through myself. Great photos, even though you didn't like it all!

  5. I have been to macau during the day but it would be great to see at night aswell. I didn't know it was so fancy! Look at all the lights! x

  6. wow this is an amazing post! I’m so glad I dropped past your blog ☺!!!
    i love to visit macau!! because i can still experience the luxurious lifestyle at vegas but a portion of the price :P!

    Keep up the great work and hope we can keep in touch! I’m a new reader

    Xx Michelle

  7. I want to go there so bad! Especially after I saw it in a fun Korean drama. Looks so fun! :)

  8. Awesome photos, looks like such a fun spot!

  9. Macau looks insane and I really want one of those tarts!

    Maria xxx

  10. such stunning locations! the lighting in the first pictures looks really cool

  11. wow it really looks like Las Vegas! Hope you had fun :)


  12. The pictures are amazing, especially those tarts!

  13. I'd love one of those egg tarts right now!

  14. Gosh, I kind of love how bright and busy everything looks in these pictures. And those egg tarts just look amazing!

  15. I went to Macau a couple of years ago and got lost in what seemed like the old Portuguese part of town. I hope I can go again and use you posts as inspiration, I want to see more of the sparking lights!

  16. I do miss Macau. I remember being pulled left right and center to buy pork jerkies!! I love good ol' Portuguese egg tarts.

    May xx
    Red Velvet London
    UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

  17. The pastries look so delish in the bottom pic! The photos of Macau look really beautiful :)

    Joyce @

  18. You are right it does resemble Las Vegas quite a bit. Great photos and those pastries look so delish! ♥

  19. I haven't been to Macau in years. But I miss their pork buns like crazy

    x karen

  20. Another post that makes me want to jump on a plane! Amazing photos and I love learning about all these different areas from your blog :) XX

  21. Macau looks amazing! I have to confess I would love to visit it someday as it used to be a part of the portuguese empire... hope you loved your pastéis de nata ;)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  22. omg... looks amazing! I need to visit this place.... it looks so lively and fun!

    Lady à la Mode

  23. Haven't been to Hong Kong or Macau yet. Dying to see the lit-up cities though!


    P.S. Last days to enter my giveaway for a $1900 aquamarine necklace!

  24. The photos of the city all lit up are gorgeous! You always take such wonderful shots! - Tasha xxx

  25. took a lot of great snap shots of Macau!!! especially the neon lit casinos,lol Yes, i really do not like that you can smoke inside the casinos!!! But i gotta say, Venetian is my fave hotel and i guess maybe it's to do with the fact that i've not stayed over night in the other hotels? Gosh..i remember banyan tree hotel you stayed at last time, your photos of the place was soo beautiful!!! But the new from sheraton hotel this time aint too shabby either!

    Oh no...they're knocking down the Fisherman's Wharf??!?! i been to macau a few times and i've still not visited that tourist attraction!!:(

    Gosh,those egg tarts look so yum. I've not heard of Lord Stows but will defo check them out at the excelsior hotel:D

    Thanks for answering all my questions regarding your beauty post:)

    Have a fab weekend dear!


  26. It looks marvellous, even though the Venetian is not your favourite. Beautiful photos, the tarts look amazing! :-)

  27. Great snapshots of Macau. I am hoping to go there when I go to Hong Kong in October. :) I can't even imagine how crowded the city is.



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