Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another view of Macau

Tou tou koi copy
My grandparent's favourite Chinese restaurant in Macau
As promised, here is a look back at some snaps from the other side of Macau. Away from the casino culture in my last Macau post, there is the old town. Here you'll find Senado Square, home to lots of tourist spots like St. Pauls ruins (see this post) and lots of interesting side streets. We always stop and buy bags of snacks from famous Macaunese bakeries Choi Heung Yuen and Koi Kei. It's a routine stop  before we catch our ferry back to HK, but I still love taking photos around here. I love the charm of the older buildings and the feeling of stepping back in time.
CHY street 2
Salted preserved fish -  a popular gift item!
Macau street snacks
A typical street seller's stall selling lots of handmade almond cookies and candy. 
Yummy Portuguese egg tarts.
This is by far my favourite photo. During editing, I accidentally turned this photo black and white and I am so glad I did. It makes for such an interesting photo.
Macau Streetbw
Old town Macau is awesome.


  1. Love your turquoise shorts! And those egg tarts... yummmm....

  2. Definitely have to agree with u on loving the charm of older buildings! There's so much character that can't be replaced which also makes it mysterious :)

  3. Ohh my gosh, the egg tarts! You have a way of capturing photos that make me hungry. :) Macau looks lovely through your eyes!

  4. Beautiful photos, darling Winnie!

  5. Yes, I love the black and white photo too! This side of Macau looks so... real. Stupid way to describe it, I know, but it looks really lovely and livable instead of the other, bit pompous, side of it.

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  7. Aw man, this post makes me want to visit Macau even more! Older looking small town roads are so pretty to look at and 'experience' - I love picturing and imagining the history behind it all (:

  8. It looks like such an interesting place to go, these pictures are really gorgeous! Especially the last one, like something you'd see in a fancy old movie :)

  9. Looks so much fun! I love the photo of the almond cookies

  10. Never been to Macau...didn't know it was so colourful!

  11. WOW, you take lovely photos of Macau!!! I gotta say, i love the whole old town feel, it's definitely like stepping back into a time machine when you go there. I love all the colors and the old buildings in that area as well. I sooo miss those egg tarts, and they're well cheap, hehhehe...i normally buy them and eat them while walking,lol....

    p.s. i love the last black and white photo effect!!!


  12. So great to see the other side as well!! Beautiful photos!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  13. It looks beautiful - I love your photographs of the city, they really capture it perfectly and make me feel like i am transported there!

  14. such interesting photos! you make me want to visit someday!

  15. Beautiful photos, I agree with you the B&W one is almost magical!

  16. Yet again I am so inspired to go travelling. And that last photo is just so atmospheric and beautiful - completely magical! XXX

  17. I love how much history those buildings look like that have. And your shorts are fabulous!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  18. Like the photos, it looks like a very nice town
    xx, Malena
    You can check my blog on:
    Fashioncontainer Facebook page



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