Friday, May 31, 2013

CSM: BA Fashion Show 2013

The Central Saint Martin's BA Fashion Press Show has to be one of the most anticipated shows that I've ever been to. With previous alumni including Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen there is a chance you might just find yourself in the presence of the next big thing to emerge from CSM. The show consisted of 40 carefully chosen students (whittled down from a massive 124) and here are just a few of my favourites!
AkikoNei copy
RachelChoi1 copy
JoleneFung copy
Alve Lagercrantz copy
YangYang copy
YukiHagino1 copy copy
NathanielLyles copy
MorganLevy copy
MingNa copy
MinNanHui copy
The Show culminated with two previous alumni awarding the three winners of the evening - the amazing Giles Deacon and Phoebe Philo (I dream of owning a Céline bag!). The third runner up of the evening was Giacomo Cavallari who had beautiful tailoring with blocked colour detailing - right down to cut away detail on the shoes.
Second prize went to Narae Park whose designs featured reclaimed industrial tarpaulin. Park's models had water bottles on the shoes which made the most satisfying noise when the models walked down the runway (crunch crunch crunch). NaraePark1 copy
naraepark copy
First Prize, the coveted L'Oreal Professional Award went to Mao Usami whose collection featured long sports socks which trailed in front of the models. The Casual-sports wear collection featured plenty of layers, stripes and checks and a huge fluffy teddybear jumper.   
maousamiwin copy
MaoUsami1 copy
maousami It was a fantastic show to watch and just a glimpse of the exciting hub of creativity that exists at CSM and in all the other fashion institutions across the country. I certainly felt lucky to have been at the show as it was pretty inspiring and an awesome way to spend an evening in London!


  1. Wow, I bet it was a fun event :)
    Love fashion shows, but some of these items were a little too much of everything haha.

  2. it looks so amazing - what an awesome experience, and you got great photos!

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  4. I am a huge fan of A. Nei jacket!

  5. Yuki Hanagino, my favorite really c: Xx

  6. wow, really cool looks! n. nlyes has really cool designs! i like the use of color! wishing you a great weekend

  7. Great photos Winnie! Love seeing the graduate collections!

  8. Ooo, it's always so fun seeing what CSM produces. I wish I could find the show streaming online though!

  9. wow thats amazing you got to go. there's some gorgeous pieces...not sure if i agree with the top 3 though :/

  10. Oh my gosh what a crazy show! But in a good way!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  11. It's always one of my favourite shows too, so much creativity & it's exciting to see what the next generation are producing. I think Yuki Hagino (such beautiful pleating!) & Morgan Levy were my favourites. Gorgeous photos as always Winnie! :)

  12. such unique collections, wow! I'm blown away!

    Lady à la Mode

  13. Wow! So lucky you got to go and yes, what a hub of creativity indeed!
    These photos are beautiful!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  14. Looks amazing, so much talent!I particularly love the Nathaniel Lyles collection.

  15. So much inspiration on those outfits, very insteresting trends, thanks for sharing!

  16. Such amazing looks! xoxo

  17. Oh really beautiful fashion show!

  18. Wow these are all so creative. Hard styles to pull off though.=)

  19. wow so rad to be at the show! such funky/fresh/amazing looks!



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