Saturday, January 19, 2013

Alexander McQueen SS13 : Menswear and Accessories

Menswear header
McQueen Dragonfly Print Jacket and Cardigan Dragonfly print
Dragonfly embroidery
Dragonfly tie
Bee flats
McQueen Accessories 3
McQueen Accessories 2
Lemon Bags McQueen Accessories 4 McQueen Structured McQueen Bee Choker
What can I say other than how amazing Alexander McQueen SS13 is? It's hard for me to decide what my favourite pieces were as I am still pretty in love with the honeycomb details in the first blog post about this press day. The menswear is so incredibly strong and I probably spent more time looking at menswear than I did womenswear - just check out that beautiful dragonfly print and embroidery on the jackets and cardigans. I think when it comes to accessories, the tortoise shell, acrylic moulded breast plate is an absolute stunner but there is zero chance of eating anything while wearing that! They're definitely way more restrictive than a normal corset and armour-like. I've come away wanting a Alexander McQueen bag in my life with the lemon bags being firm favourites (I better start saving now). Though the real showstopper has to be the oversized, beautiful choker with it's jewelled bees. It's incredible!

In other news, how crazy has the snow been? I wasn't expecting so much snow to fall in the Midlands but I returned home early yesterday to about 4 inches of snow on my doorstep. As much as I love building snowmen, after walking half an hour from the station to my house, it's definitely the last thing I want to do - maybe I'll change my mind and venture outdoors to build a snowman this weekend but right now, I'm happy staying indoors all toasty and warm! 


  1. Awesome post ! :-D

    A chic kiss ;-)

  2. your sense of style feels so right

  3. Those bee embroidered slippers are stunning!

  4. Awesome findings!!!

    Happy Weekend,


  5. Those slippers are so pretty!!! I want everything that your pictured lol!

    I follow you now! Could you follow me?

  6. Amazing pics! I really love all those bags!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  7. Bees are such a great theme, my favourites being the bee embroidered jacket and the slippers. Would love to see a guy walking down the road in that...also the body cage thing is a interesting!

  8. Lovely items!!

    xx Mounia

  9. omg..these are so amazing! I hope you have a great weekend of warm tea and other goodies.

  10. I love the bee influence. Gorgeous collection!

  11. Ah, yes, this collection is for sure gorgeous. The bees on the flats are such a cute touch. Have you seen the Golden Globe Awards? Kate Hudson wore a McQueen dress, and I see parts of that design in this collection.
    And ahh, I need to catch up on your posts! (:

    X i x i a ❥

  12. buzzzzz~ The entire time I keep hearing buzzing sounds while staring that the clusters of bees! hehe
    I'm really liking the bags :D

    nyuu }

  13. Hello dear!
    Lovely blog !
    Do you want follow each other?

  14. literally so many insanely amazing pieces. i am loving the blazer and house slippers with the insects. thank you for sharing these!
    xx rae

  15. Holy moly !! That's incredible. It's so beautiful and I love the bees and the wax textures. I'm really getting into textures recently. Weird and wonderful as usual. M xo

  16. Oh I am so envious of these McQueen press days of yours! Those ties and slipper loafers are so perfect. The snow is i n s a n e, we have around 5-6 inches here at the moment and I just can't see myself getting to the station for my commute tomorrow. Ahh! x

  17. BEYOND. Think I need to be a dude, to be honest.

    Lela -

  18. Wow those are some amazing pieces and the fact you get a up close and personal look I am jealous! Thanks for sharing xo

  19. You get to see the collection up close? Jealous. I'm eyeing the loafers and the bag. I have seen the news about the crazy cold snap up in Europe. Here in Australia, just a few days ago on Friday we hit 46degrees - highest recorded temp for Sydney.

  20. I'm obsessed with those bees. I can't decide if it's cute, cool, or a little bit of both! Hahaha!

  21. The jewellery is amazing but I want that red bag, it is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  22. The menswear jacket are amazing, would definitely wear them! The snow seemed great at first but the novelty soon wears off when you try to get an year. Stay warm.

  23. ultimate favorite brand! such a shame that he passed away :( i've always wanted the clutches rawrrrr

  24. Nice blog :)

    Please visit my blog if you like we 'll follow each other :)



  25. The bee theme is taking over the fashion world! Which I'm thrilled about as I have been part of a movement to campaign to protect their numbers here in the UK. This has to be one of my favourite MQ collections to date! I particularly love the cuffs they are so majestic! Swoon! Thanks for this post Winnie it was a real pleasure to read! xx

  26. McQueen looks incredible. I'm so happy to see the press day on your blog since I wasn't able to make it. The accessories have especially got my heart racing. xx

  27. Couldn't get enough of this collection when I first saw it, the prints are incredible! My favourites are definitely the breastplates (I'd happily not eat, or move, to be able to wear one! Hah!) or that beautiful jeweled choker. Have you seen the campaign images with it & the model dripping in honey? So gorgeous!
    I live in the Midlands too & have been snowed in for the past few days! It's been a bit crazy!

  28. i love this collection!



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