Hello Heattech!

25 November 2012

heattech1 Uniqlo Heattech
It's pretty hard to ignore the frost in the mornings or the immense amount of rain we've had at the weekend but one thing is fore sure, I am a keen advocate of the Heattech range over at Uniqlo which is perfect for this kind of weather. The clever technology behind the material (something to do with trapping moisture evaporating off your body in the fibres) means that they are perfect for layering up! I wear my scoop neck heattech tops a lot but this is the first time I've tried their leggings. They feel thinner than the usual leggings that I wear but they did the job and kept my legs nice and warm. Though my only criticism is that they're not made for people with short legs like me and I had a severe case of baggy knees!
Hello Heattech
Collar Details
KG Booties
Jacket, Dress & Necklace - Topshop, Blouse - New Look, Sister's Cardi - H&M, Leggings - c/o Uniqlo, Boots - Carvela
Also lots of nice new things in this outfit post, this green jersey dress is a new wardrobe staple along with my absolute favourite blouse at the moment. I've been pretty impressed with New Look recently and I searched 3 of their stores for my size in this blouse. I've been wearing it underneath dresses, jumpers or just with some skinny black jeans, it's awesome. The booties were a bit of a splurge. I usually prefer boots with a bit of a heel but these were bought especially for my walks to the train station in the mornings. They're practical and really comfy - all I need! Except...well, I may have put a cheeky order through for some Converse over at Office today. In my defence, they were only £20 (bargain!) but a girl can never have too many shoes right?!


Super Kawaii

18 November 2012

essiepinkpolish Hello Kitty Yale meandzena hoothoot hoothootipad
Doughnut trinket box c/o Dotcomgiftshop
Here are a couple of new things that have made me smile recently. The Essie polishes were bought here for a bargainous £1.99 each and it was too good a bargain to resist! The others are wonderful birthday gifts from friends who clearly know me much better than I realise (thank you so much guys - you know who you are!). The Hello Kitty x Yale card holder is from a very clever friend who recently spent some time studying there. I feel a bit of a fraud using it but it made me laugh - because who knew that an institution like Yale would endorse Hello Kitty?! The Me & Zena x Saatchi paintbrush necklace is such a fun piece of jewellery and it always seems to be a talking point. Plus, this particular friend and I always like to explore all kinds of Art exhibitions together so this seems SO fitting. The Knitted iPad case is a belated birthday present that I received yesterday and it is (as my blog title suggests) super kawaii! I may or may not have announced straight away when I saw it's two knitted eyes staring back at me, that it would be going on the blog ASAP because to be honest when it comes to iPad accessories, this one is pretty damn awesome.


Wardrobe Classics and Memories

13 November 2012

Red Dress
Red dress belt Red Dress Vivienne Westwood Bag Carvela Shoes
Dress - Zara, Belt - Warehouse, Bag - Vivienne Westwood, Shoes - Carvela
Every time I step into Zara I hope to find some amazing and classic wardrobe staple like this dress that I can wear over and over again. I've still not found my next piece to covet but they have some fantastic coats in at the moment which is proving to be very tempting. I like wearing this dress casually in the day time with a denim jacket but for a friend's wedding recently, I cinched the waist with this Gold ribbon belt. I accessorised with more classic pieces including this bag which has definitely seen better days (sadly it's beginning to fall apart) and these comfy black patent heels. All these pieces in my wardrobe hold on to some kind of special memory - from a fun shopping trip with my sister (she has the same dress but in caramel), a gift from my grandparents when I was 18 (the bag) and a graduation (the shoes!). I'm sure there are pieces in everyone's wardrobe which hold on to some very happy memories!


Christmas at Next 2012

08 November 2012

Christmas at Next_edited-1
So Christmas lights have been switched on, the Ice Rink at Somerset House is almost ready and I am just about ready to post about the Next Christmas collection. Would you believe it, these photos have been sitting on my computer since July but now is definitely the right time to share with you these cosy knits, fab coats and cute accessories with you (more photos can be found on my facebook page). I have come to the conclusion that I need ear muffs in my life and maybe something with some kind of penguin motif (How can anyone resist a penguin? - they are funny birds) I have to say that one of my favourite things about Next are their accessories. I've already caught a sneak peek of their SS13 range and between you and me, their accessories are getting stronger and stronger each season! Back on the topic of Christmas, I might hold off for a week or two before I consider buying a box of mince pies (yes they are available now!) but I should really start thinking of ideas for Christmas Gifts, have you started shopping yet?


Another Year, Another Cake

04 November 2012

cake time 4-11-2012
Me and Mum 04-11-2012
Birthday instax 4-11-2012
I can hardly believe that it is my birthday already. I've had a lovely day so far, with our usual Sunday Dim Sum and then we returned home where my mum and I (we share the same birthday) celebrated with this awesome green tea and red bean cake from the Chinese bakery. The cake was a bit of a risky choice as we have never tried this combination before but since I'm an avid green tea drinker, it's no surprise that I was rather taken by the idea of a green tea sponge. The filling is cream which has red beans, also known as azuki beans (a favourite flavour in Asian desserts) mixed in, all topped off with some simple fruit decoration. It turns out that it was a pretty good choice after all as the flavours worked really well together *pats myself on the back*. Birthday celebration wise, I'm not really one for big parties and much prefer low key affairs. So in a couple of hours I will be meeting some of my oldest friends for dinner at a new French restaurant I've been itching to try!

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