Lucky stars

29 October 2012

lucky stars ipad
lucky stars diamond canopy
My new favourite scarf is from GAP and the bright blue, green and purples have helped to make these low temperatures a little more bearable but let's talk about the iPad! After blogging about my favourite Christmas present in this post, it turns out that Dotcomgiftshop chose me as their competition winner, yay! My family have also been sharing my prize from my 14 yr old sister who has been avidly tumblr-ing countless pictures of ice creams and puppies to my parents who have been watching Chinese videos on YouTube and catching up on X Factor. So a BIG thank you to the Dotcomgiftshop team - my birthday is in a weeks time so it has been a wonderful early birthday present! 
biba and tea
Teacup (c/o Camila Prada)
I've always got a book or two on the go and I have almost finished Barbara Hulanicki's autobiography 'From A to Biba'. The book begins in her early childhood in Palestine right through to the unplanned success of the Biba store and ultimately a record of it's sad demise. Hulanicki's Big Biba on London's Kensington High Street (also the subject of this exhibition) was a 7 Storey treasure trove and a true visual and sensory wonderland - from the roof garden with real life flamingoes and peacocks to the basement food floors and child play areas. It pioneered tester make up - allowing customers to try before you buy and this wonderful video by  Lisa Eldridge is really worth watching. The place was full of imaginative visual merchandising with plenty of Art Nouveau and Art Deco touches. Dreamy!
I've always said that if I could step back in time, I would go straight to the 1960s because culturally there was so much happening in Music, Art and Fashion. While I could go on and on about the Art History side of things (Richard Hamilton and Peter Blake are some of my all time favourite artists and prolific in this decade) I wish I could step back in time and wander through the magical wonderland that was Biba. 


What's for dinner?

24 October 2012

I love eating out and I especially love trying new places and my sister and cousin have decided that we should have a monthly get-together over food. I have a soft spot for Asian cuisine so when I heard about a new Korean place open in Birmingham, my sister and cousin decided it should be our first port of call. In a city like Birmingham where the Korean population is pretty non-existent, I was doubtful over the authenticity of the restaurant. The place has not had the best reviews and with a name like 'Miss Korea' I wasn't expecting much.
kalbi and dukbokki.
For 3 people, we tried a huge selection of their food (we are such fatties) including samgyeopsal (bacon/pork belly), galbi beef and bulgogi (marinated beef) which all went on the charcoal grill. We also sampled dukbokki (spicy rice cakes), yukgaejang (spicy beef broth) which was probably my favourite on the evening. We also tried their dolsot bibimbap (stone pot rice) which is mixed together thoroughly before eating, so the raw beef was cooked through by the time we tucked in! 
The major let down of this meal was their Kimchi which was really bland! Fine if it was any other dish, but for Korea's national dish, this was something that they couldn't really afford to get wrong. This is probably when I started wondering whether it was actually a Chinese run Korean restaurant (still not sure). In all, it wasn't as bad as some of the reviews had made out. It certainly wasn't the best place for Korean BBQ in my experience but it satisfied my Korean food craving and we still had a pretty good evening (and left with very full bellies!). Apparently there is a better one which is run by a Korean family so I will definitely be checking that out and reporting back soon!

Oh yes and speaking of all things Korean, I love a bit of K-pop (no it's not all like Psy's Gangnam style) and I just managed to purchase tickets for Big Bang at Wembley in December! They are arguably the biggest Boy-band (that word makes me cringe) in all of Asia. I am ridiculously excited...


Havin' a bubble with Elizabeth Lau

20 October 2012

elizabeth lau collage
Elizabeth Lau is probably the only designer whose exhibition stand is one that I ALWAYS make sure I visit whenever I am in town for London Fashion Week. I opted out of LFW this year so missed our seasonal catch ups but not too long ago, myself, SamKit and Elizabeth all met up for brunch in lovely leafy Notting Hill. That day we introduced the concept of an English breakfast to Sam and since we all have ties to Hong Kong, it naturally came up in conversation too (I'm looking forward to visiting again next year). She was so incredibly generous and I couldn't believe my eyes when she gifted me the Havin' a bubble jumper from her AW11 collection.  Thank you so much E!
Elizabeth Lau Cosy
Her most recent news is her capsule collection for ASOS which is rather good and available now. Her designs are so popular that they keep appearing in magazines and I can't help but feel a sense of pride whenever I see these features.
Havin a Bubble outfit
Blouse (Miss Selfridge) Jumper (Elizabeth Lau) Skirt (Vintage) Shoes (Nine West)
I also have a new bag! This Michael Kors bag was bought at Bicester Village and an early birthday present from my parents. It's such a lovely colour and I love that it's a little smarter than my usual bags. Sam told me about her aunt who was once presented with a Michael Kors bag. Rather than equating the initials to the designer, she immediately related it to the Mong Kok in Hong Kong which is also known as MK. It's an area well known for it's thriving markets, street food and being densely populated, a slightly different connotation compared to MK for Michael Kors! Now I can't stop thinking of that comparison either.


Louise Gray's Junk Yard

15 October 2012

louise gray junkyard
If Louise Gray had her own junkyard, it would surely be a surreal haven full of kitschy props, retro jewellery and plenty of eclectic, mismatching prints. I would totally love to visit. However Junk Yard is the name of the blue glitter polish from the Louise Gray x Topshop collection and the latest nail polish to have taken my fancy. Despite glitter being an ABSOLUTE pain to remove, I love the stuff. This polish is full of different shapes and sizes of iridescent glitter from teeny tiny micro glitter to little hexagons and has a turquoise shimmer in real life. It's super pretty, especially painted over Essie's Lapis of Luxury. Yup, I am definitely a fan.


JW Anderson Bat Jumper and Birthday Cake

11 October 2012

JW Anderson Bat Sweater
I love this JW Anderson x Topshop bat jumper and I'm not surprised that it's hard to find in stores now. I bought it a day after JW Anderson showcased his SS13 collection so he was pretty hot property but Alexa Chung, who has been spotted wearing it, certainly must have contributed to it's sold-out status. Either way it's a pretty awesome jumper. It's a chunky knit but I have to admit that given the colder weather we're having right now, wind travels right through the knit which is a confusing experience (feeling cold and warm at the same time?!). So on cold days, you definitely need to layer up, just as well really because I love pairing it with this dress.  
Dress, Jumper and Shoes - Topshop, Bag  - Laforet Plaza, Hong Kong
Oh yes and it's a new location for my outfit post which is always a nice change from the brick wall of my house! My uncle moved into a new flat at the beginning of the week and we visited and filled his house with lots of (typically Chinese) gifts of fruit. We also celebrated my little sister's (fake) birthday that day. Technically her birthday isn't until tomorrow but we took the opportunity with lots of family gathered to have her birthday cake. I can hardly believe that my baby sister is 15 years old! Happy Birthday little one.
becky's 15th
instax 15th becky
You might have noticed that my blog has had a little make over.  I know lots of people have bloggers block and I'm sure we've all probably experienced it at some time or another. It's not a massive change but it feels more refreshed and even small changes make me even more excited about blogging!


Jeep Jeep!

06 October 2012

There are many, many photos around the house of my sisters and I and one of them includes a photo of my sisters and I posing in front of a delicious crispy suckling pig in Hong Kong but one of my favourites is this one below. I think I must be about 7/8 yrs old in this photo which means it's from the early 90s and that jeep, is the most epic Christmas present that my sister and I have EVER received. It was actually a pretty special Christmas for us as a family and the photo is quite personal and symbolic. That year we had finally moved out from our tiny little flat above my parents shop. My mum recalls my dad sitting down one day and saying that we finally had a house of our own, complete with a garden so it was a pretty big deal for all of us.

Speaking of my dad, some of our Christmas gifts over the years were disguised as presents for us but they were really for him! Case in point, our Sega Megadrive, subsequent Playstations and I think to my dad, this Jeep was like a giant remote controlled car. Except his then 5 yr old and 7 yr old daughters were behind the wheel! Oh the nostalgia, we were pretty darn happy with this new toy and we would take turns driving in circles in the garden or even pretend to be mechanics (there were tools under the hood of the car!). It was revived for my youngest sister but it currently sits in our garage and we can't bear to get rid of it even though none of us can actually fit inside it anymore! 

This post also doubles as my 'favourite Christmas present' competition entry over on Dot Com Gift Shop to win an iPad (fingers-crossed!) but seeing as I love their kitschy homeware I thought I'd cobble together some of my favourites. Behold, my picks from their Christmas shop!

My favourite out of these is the wooden biscuit set. I'm a sucker for useless kitchsy things, espcially when food shaped (remember this party ring post?). However this is actually a kids counting game and the reverse of the chocolate bourbon and jammy dodgers are numbered. I want it anyway. Oh, this post has made me feel all nostalgic, I'd love to hear about your favourite Christmas presents too!


Pops of Colour

02 October 2012

outfit and pink bag
outfit and green collar
h&m pearl collar
yellow tipped oxfords
Dress - ASOS, Collar - H&M, Bag - Nine West, Shoes - Office, Earrings - Gogo Philip, Lipstick - NARS Funny Face, Bracelets/ring - Hong Kong

Looking back at these pictures makes me miss the sunny-no-tights weather, especially on a grey overcast day like today. I think like most people out there, I don't have much of a seasonal wardrobe and my clothes are pretty much worn all year around with additional layers.  I like the Autumn and I'm excited about wrapping up in scarves, jumpers and stomping about in boots. Speaking of scarves, I bought a lovely new one the other day and I'll have to show you guys soon!

A quick shout out to Sam and Nic who both visited from Hong Kong and Tokyo recently and I had the pleasure of hanging out with those guys again. Both of whom, I caught up with when I was back in Hong Kong earlier in the year and are also regular reads over on the sidebar. It might seem odd to non-bloggers that we're friends through the internet (cue shifty raised eyebrows) but they, like many other blog friends have turned out to be some of the best company. I miss you guys already!

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