29 July 2012

Something strange has happened. Olympic fever has gripped the world and I've found myself glued to the TV, watching all types of events and commenting on unfamiliar sports because you know, in my head I'm a sports expert. You can't help but wish you were a little more athletic when you see all these toned and chiseled athletes but then again, I should just stop watching the Olympics with Tea and biscuits in hand...
Outfit Post - July
Dress - Random HK Boutique, Cardigan - Oasis, Belt - Topshop, Shoes - Gabor , Necklace - Monki
Monki Necklace and HK Dress
My sister Hailey hasn't made an appearance on here for a while but here she is! She has this great little jacket from H&M and I've recently copied her and bought the same one in blue. I haven't had the chance to wear it yet because of the great weather. Though given the temperamental British weather I'm sure it won't be long until it makes an appearance on here, coupled with a faux fur collar. Yup, probably.
Top - Whistles, Jacket - H&M, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Office
Arm Candy
Bracelets from HK
I've recently just bought tickets for the Harry Potter Studio Tour at the end of August. I can't wait! I've only heard good things from people who have visited so I am beside myself with excitement at the thought of visiting the set! Has anybody else been to visit yet?


Vintage Wonderland

25 July 2012

It's not difficult to spot a little bit of vintage inspiration in our favourite High Street retailers so when Miss Selfridge presented up a small selection of their archive one morning, I couldn't wait to see it all in person! Miss Selfridge's creative Director, Yasmin Yasuf has the enviable job of having coveted all the vintage pieces in the room and I was delighted to see all these dresses in person that were collected from her travels.
Vintage Archive
The embellishment and detail in all the pieces are just incredible. It's funny because you can instantly see the Miss Selfridge inspiration when you walk into the room. Everything is SO Miss Selfridge.
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Vintage Archive
Oh yeah and did I mention that it was breakfast and everything was served in these awesome vintage china cups? Such a perfect way to spend a morning in vintage wonderland. I still can't believe that this was only a small selection of their Spring Summer vintage archive, there is so much more and this makes me curious as to what other high street retailers have hidden in their HQ basements.

As you can imagine, it was super difficult to choose just a few pictures so I'm going to be popping all of the other photos (there are soooo many more!) that didn't make it over on my Facebook page!


Cat Print and Vintage

20 July 2012

MCM red jacket outfit
Jacket - H&M, Dress - Argyle Centre, HK, Bag - MCM, Boots - Topshop
Sometimes the cheapest things in your wardrobe become your staples and this dress is one of those! It was a super cheap buy in Hong Kong (around £8 I think!) and features these strange looking cats all over it and little peter pan collar. Despite not really being a cat person, it's become a firm favourite. Though given the price, I don't expect the dress to have a long life span which is always the way with the clothes I buy in HK. HK has a shopping culture of luxury or cheap and I tend to sway towards the latter, which suits me just fine as you can find some lovely things if you look around.
Cat Print
Topshop boots
I still can't believe I haven't had the chance to wear sandals yet so tights and boots are very much still on the agenda. I've heard it's meant to be much nicer next week so fingers crossed I can wear more summery clothes soon! Red jacket MCM Bag
Here is another close up of my vintage MCM bag, which was such an awesome hand-me-down from my aunt. I love the monogrammed leather and it's cute size but that comes at a price! It simply functions only as a camera bag and another bag is definitely needed for all the rest of my junk that I like to carry around. 
MCM details My favourite detail is the stamp inside the bag. I can't work out who it's actually designed by though, the writing is too hard to make out! Any body have any guesses on what the signature says?



17 July 2012

This past week has been super busy and full of treats so let me share a little bit of what I've been up to! As I mentioned previously, last week my sister and I popped down to London for Incubus's one off gig at Brixton Academy. It was awesome. There are some bands you remember because you grew up listening to them and for me, Incubus has been the soundtrack through my school, college and university years. Oh and of course, the inspiration behind the name of the blog and yes, they did play Drive (swoon).
Incubus I still can't believe I've seen them in such a small venue as I've only ever seen them in huge arena tours and at festivals, so for my sister and I, it was a pretty special experience! To make things even better my sister and I went to the Ladurée in Harrods for breakfast in the morning. Probably the best kind of breakfast ever! Though, I prefer their Covent Garden location which is super adorable in it's pastel decor.
Laduree for breakfastWe popped by the Japan Centre to stock up on sushi treats for the journey home and we bought this kawaii Totoro character bread (if you've not seen the anime, it's highly recommended!) It's filled with sweet custard and to be honest, anything vaguely Totoro shaped is always a winner.
Totoro bread We also bought some macarons to take home with us. To be honest, the Hello Kitty themed gift box was one of the main reasons we bought some. The box is now filled with my little sister's jewellery.
Macarons At the weekend, I joined in on a vintage tea party for my friend who is getting married next month. I definitely need to give my friend Connie a shout for providing the awesome vintage china and Fletchers Bar in Kings Heath for being so lovely.
Vintage Tea Party Tea Party cupcakesIt was definitely a low key kind of hen do as not everyone appreciates the typical Hen parties. Part of the day included various challenges around the city (check out the awesome Octopus graffiti art!) including one of which involved me popping on a mustache...
Saturday Nat Hen
Funnily enough, the tash is definitely one accessory that won't be making it's way into my life...


All aboard the MCM bus!

12 July 2012

There are lots of luxury brands that I am quite the fan of but one that has been edging it's way onto my radar is MCM (Mode Creation Munich). The brand which is Germany based but Korean owned, is huge in Asia (their backpacks are highly coveted) and I browsed their two stores in Hong Kong's Times Square and Central locations a couple of times. However I also have to thank a certain Miss Style Slicker who has been championing the brand for quite a long time now. I'm lucky enough to own a little limited edition bag of theirs from the 80s which used to belong to my aunt (see this post). She told me that the brand has since had a substantial re-branding and now appeals to a much broader demographic.
MCM Liberty
When I was in Hong Kong last Summer, the  brand covered 10 trams with their signature monogram to advertise the opening of the Hong Kong flagship store. To celebrate their AW12 collection as well as their new concession opening in Harrods soon, MCM applied the same idea in London and decked out an old Routemaster and parked it outside Liberty (kind of cheeky as it's advertising Harrods too). Inside were more MCM paraphernalia and a selection of the AW12 collection.
Clearly leopard print is a significant trend and the bag above was my favourite - it's such a great size and shape. The brand is still relatively unknown in the UK so it will be interesting to see the brand's popularity grow. I think it's a fantastic brand and one of these days, I will own one of their bags that will fit more than just a camera and phone! If you fancy a ride on the Routemaster then check out their microsite over at MCM worldwide as the bus it's still in London until the weekend.


Sweet Treats

08 July 2012

I don't know what it is about being a blogger but like many of us, I have quite the sweet tooth. Since it's a rainy, lazy Sunday afternoon (currently watching Wimbledon finals!) I thought I would share some of my favourite sweet treats I've had lately which coincidentally, are all in Covent Garden. First stop, the awesome Ladurée.Laduree 3
Laduree 2
I had a spare couple of hours when visiting friends in London and I HAD to make a stop at the Ladurée café in Covent Garden. I sampled their yummy Earl Grey, a pain aux raisin and of course, their infamous macarons in salted caramel and pistachio. It's quite the tourist destination but it's a rather lovely place to whirl away some extra time (it's so pretty inside!) and I hope to take my sister there when we're in town again tomorrow.
Laduree My friends and I love Foundation Bar (also in Covent Garden) for their very British take on cocktails. We had their afternoon tea cocktail which is served in a teapot complete with a selection of biscuits. Yum! I've noticed this teapot trend lately but it's still a cute novelty.
Afternoon Tea at Foundation
Lastly, there is always time for a Froyo! We popped along to Snog, where we couldn't help but comment on the Abercrombie-like staff (seriously, they must have the same criteria when it comes to hiring staff.) The interior with it's changing coloured lights on the ceiling is kind of cool and obviously I went for the green tea option with plenty of fresh fruit! 
Snog Lights FroYo
So tomorrow sees my sister and I travelling to London to relive our teenage years at an Incubus gig! I can't wait, it's been years since I've seen them and what better than to see them at their one-off London date? Luck has been on our side and we managed to get a great 4* hotel (because that's how we roll - but seriously do try the secret hotels option on lastminute.com) for really cheap and our train tickets were less than £10 each. Yesss! 

Hope you all had a fab weekend...now back to the Tennis!


Neon Leopard

04 July 2012

A girl can't keep away from the shops for too long and one of the first things I bought when I arrived back in the UK, is this linen top with neon orange leopard print from Zara. It's actually pretty long on me and I'm not really sure if it's because I'm short or if it's meant to be a tunic but I've managed to get away with wearing it with just tights. However on this occasion, I've tucked it into my pleated black skirt which I bought while I was in Hong Kong.
My hair is totally having a good day in these pictures. Back in HK, the humidity really made my newly permed hair feel a bit frizzy which is kind of mad as I've always been lucky enough to have super straight hair. Here in the UK, the drier weather makes the curls much more manageable and it has definitely relaxed a little since my initial perm. It's a pretty easy hair style to keep, as all I do after washing my hair is twist sections of my hair to retain that dolly-like curl. Depending on how much I twist them, the curls turn out a little different each time. To be honest, my sisters can create virtually the same look with their curling irons but I am rubbish at curling my own hair so this works out well!
Top - Zara, Skirt - Kwai Chung Plaza (Hong Kong), Cardigan - Marks and Spencers, Belt - Topshop, Shoes - Zara
Necklace - Monki, Ring - H&M, Nail Polish - Bourjois 
SAM_0844 In the past, I really didn't think I was one for maxi skirts since I thought they would drown me as I'm a tiny 4'11" and I'm definitely not going to be getting any taller and FOREVER at boob height for a lot of my friends (actually, it would be really weird if I were tall and to be able to see over people's heads!) Things certainly change and I have developed a new found love for long skirts. I just wish it would stop raining so I could wear them more often!

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