Instagramming 8 (mega post!)

29 June 2012

Ah so OK, I've been a bit lax with the Instagram posts and well, I'm going to hit you guys with a mammoth post full of some of my favourite pics from the last couple of weeks. As ever, it's absolutely full of photos of the food I eat and places I've been and is probably a good insight to the Chinese food I eat on a daily basis! These pics have definitely increased since my HK family are visiting and they can often be found in the kitchen cooking up a feast or baking lots of cakes. In fact, they're baking Chinese coconut tarts this evening...so obviously, I will be instagramming (my username is diamondcanopy) that a bit later too.
1. Raybans in the garden 2. Dim Sum Sundays 3. Finding cute childhood pics of my sisters and I when we were little! 4. Salad Lunch in the garden 5. Fruit and Tea with friends 6. Still loving my kawaii laptop case and also my Dorothy Perkins flamingo print tote.
1. A brief trip to London 2. A snapshot of Selfridges in The Bullring (mall) in Birmingham 3. Coffee at 6/8 Kafe which is my favourite place for catch ups in Birmingham 4. Arches near Trafalgar Square in London 5. A Rice Noodle dish (Hor Fun with a variety of meat) 6. Victorian Sweet Shop at the old Back to backs in Birmingham.
1. Jamie's Italian for Lunch - we love the south coast frito misto with posh chips 2. My little sister loves baking too and she made some awesome chocolate cookies 3. Posing with a giant plastic drumstick 4. Sunday dinner at home with Congee, Zong (rice parcels) and steamed dumplings 5. Ikea meatballs are my FAVE! 6. Black Sesame dessert
1. Dinner at my grandmas one evening (she cooked up a feast!) 2. New bracelet from COS 3. I love green tea and my family gave me lots of new stock! 4. Noodles with egg and frankfurters for lunch 5. My aunt's new pretty Fuschia Mulberry 6. Brunch
1. My friend's birthday cake 2. BBQ Chinese style (chicken wings are our favourite to grill!) 3. An old photo of my dad and his siblings from the 70s 4. More brunch 5. Wensleydale and crackers 6. The British countryside from a train window.
1. Liberty is the most awesome department store 2. Liberty Flower Stall 3. London Skyline from South Bank 4. The Damien Hirst Exhibition was awesome 5. Macarons at Ladurée! 6. The courtyard at the V&A
1. Vintage Archives at Miss Selfridge (will be sharing more pics soon!) 2. Fantastic Latte at Notes, Music and Coffee in London (Trafalgar Square) 3. London Eye and Carousel 4. HK Egg waffles(雞蛋仔) made at home! 5. Steamed buns at home for lunch 6. Typical Chinese dinner at home
1. Matcha Chiffon Cake 2. Tea and Cherries 3. Churros at Bodega (Birmingham) 4. Kawaii paperclips 5. Hanging baskets at Bicester Village 6. Lunch!

Right, I must not leave it so long the next time...it's a bit of a visual feast huh? I have a weekend full of farewell plans with my family as they are leaving to fly back to HK on Sunday. It's kind of crazy as I stayed with them during my 3 months in HK and then when I arrived back in the UK, it was soon their turn to visit and stay with us. So it does seem a bit strange that for the first time in 4 months, I won't be seeing them every day! Well, until the next time I fly to HK that is...


Ice Cream Colours

23 June 2012

You'd think being British, we would be used to the non-existent Summer by now right? Not really. I can't even contemplate wearing shorts and go bare legged but just a few weeks ago, I couldn't imagine wearing anything else and what better than to wear ice cream colours?
Sister's Cardigan - H&M, Top - Topshop, Shorts - Miss Selfridge, Trainers - Adidas
SAM_0507 I don't wear these as often as my Converse but they are still making the transition into my wardrobe. The last time I wore trainers like these, I must have been about 10 and living in jeans and branded jumpers emblazoned with the likes of Adidas and Kappa. That was probably the only time my dad had any input with the clothes that I wore! Ha, those days are definitely long gone and now he stands firmly outside any clothes shop that I go in to.
Sunnies - c/o Polaroid
Bird Necklace - Aldo, Untitled Necklace - Tatty Devine for Tate
Silver Bangle - Chapel (HK), Black and gold bracelet - Random boutique in Laforet Mall (HK)
Up until recently, I used to tell friends not to buy bracelets as gifts for me as I never wear them. Now, the very opposite has happened and I have been accumulating them! It's funny because I can pinpoint this change from my time in HK where in the heat, I wore minimal layers and as a result, my arms always felt a little bit bare. This has followed me back to the UK and I am now always hovering around the jewellery sections in shops in search of some new arm candy...


New Kicks

18 June 2012

A place I always visit in Hong Kong for one reason or another is Mong Kok. There are lots of fun malls to browse here but it is also the home of lots of streets which specialise in different items like Aquariums, Pets and Interiors. Mong Kok is pretty fun for street signage in Hong Kong. It's such an explosion of colour. I kind of miss that.
Trainer St.
On Fa Yuen Street is the market which is full of random things to buy...lots of cheap fashion, fruit sellers and items which wouldn't go a-miss at the ultra touristy, Ladies Market. Sam was the one who introduced me to the market and it's a lot of fun to browse!
Fa Yuen St
A little further down the street (it's a pretty long street) there is an area that is nicknamed 'Trainer Street' which sells, you guessed it...lots of trainers! Here you can find both new styles or cheaper trainers which are from a few seasons ago.
Trainer St
While I was in HK, I bought a pair of Adidas kicks too. I love them but I haven't owned any trainers for ages (I guess Converse don't count) so I'm still trying to work them into my wardrobe. They're pretty fun and I'll have to feature them in an outfit post.
SAM_0509The awesome guys at Cloggs sent me a pair of trainers too and I was the good big sister and I sent them to my youngest sister instead who is a massive fan of Vans shoes. They arrived in the UK before I flew back from HK so I surprised her on Skype with these. She was over the moon with her shiny new shoes!
They're pretty awesome for Summer (even though we are still waiting for it to turn up here in the UK!) and my sister always wears them with denim shorts, t-shirt and a backpack slung over her shoulder. Are you guys into trainers/sneakers? What styles do you usually go for?


You are my Sunshine

12 June 2012

SAM_0374 Ah isn't Somerset house beautiful? It feels a bit odd to be here when it isn't fashion week, most noticeably was the lack of the big courtyard show space in the centre where willowy model types can usually be seen having a quick cigarette break during the show season. This time, the frantic fashion vibes were replaced by a much more relaxed and sunny one on this visit, as it was the location of the Next Autumn Winter Press day. Probably my favourite location yet. There are definitely a few things that caught my eye and as ever, there are lots of great shoes to look out for!
SAM_0368 I still don't own any leopard ballet flats, despite the style and print being absolutely everywhere for years now. These bright red ones are really cute, a little quirky/retro but the brightness means that they are a bit of a statement piece.
SAM_0366 Another thing I don't own yet are printed jeans. Next always do great jeans and this heart print is a nice addition to their range. Plus the dark colour is super flattering too.
SAM_0370 More shoes! I am always drawn to the flats even though my own mother tells me to wear heels more often. Unlike some bloggers, I'd much rather live in my converse and flats rather than opt for heels. Sorry Mum.
SAM_0357 SAM_0354 SAM_0363 Despite not being a kid anymore, the kids section is definitely one of my favourites. Maybe I can buy the Zebra hat or Wooly hat for my little cousins! To be fair, if the yellow one was adult sized, I'd be all over it.
SAM_0376 SAM_0361 I've also reached an age where browsing home-ware with friends is actually enjoyable and I particularly love the home section in Next. I actually loved this Canvas with all the little messages on it, it's so positive and happy! It would make a perfect housewarming gift too and is super DIY-able. Probably not the main intention of the press day but I can't have been the only one to think this. Time to buy some paint, stencils and a big canvas!



07 June 2012

So a few things have changed around here. Firstly, I now finally own my very own domain (yay!) which is less of a mouthful and much easier to remember than before. I must admit that for a crazy moment I was tempted to change the blog name completely, I mean let's face it, if you Google 'Diamond Canopy' you'll either find pictures of my face (I still find this weird) or links to canopies for your party/home. However I stuck to my guns, realised what a mistake it would have been and the name is definitely here to stay.

I wish I could say that the wonderfully clear photos are my own doing and that the next change is a camera upgrade but alas no, they are in fact down to the lovely Kristabel (thanks dude!) who made a flying visit up to Birmingham not too long ago. We had a lovely day lunching on sushi, sitting in the park and soaking up the lovely sunshine. On that note, I WISH it was still sunny and that our weather wasn't so temperamental and that it wasn't back to tights and boots weather! 
IMG_7913 T-Shirt - Topman, Skirt - HK market,  Belt - Accessorize, Bag - HK Laforet Mall, Shoes - Zara, Necklace - Monki, Sunglasses - c/o Polaroid

Birmingham is funny, there is one place we like to call 'Pigeon Park' which is essentially the grave yard at St Philip's Cathedral where everyone sits when the sun is out. If you ever pass by this area then you must pop into the Cathedral and see the beautiful stained glass designed by Pre-Raphaelite, Edward Burne-Jones. So on this particular day, after a very filling sushi lunch we took some time out here and enjoyed the sunshine.
When it's sunny, it's always an excuse to whip out the sunnies and I am loving my new shades sent to me by Polaroid while I was away in HK. The plum coloured Dante frames with the slightly pointed shape are super comfortable and actually my favourite alternative at the moment to my classic Wayfarers. Coincidentally, Kristabel was also rocking some Polaroid sunnies too!
SAM_0400 IMG_7923
Now back to what I was talking about at the beginning of this post! The second thing to have changed around here is my hairrr! Yes I've cut myself a side fringe (temporarily!) but those curls are not made by curling irons and are permanent for the next 6 months or so. I had something called a Japanese digital perm which scarily involved rollers which were hooked up to a machine which in turn, heated up the rollers digitally. Bit scary for someone like me who walked into the salon not really knowing much about perms at all and then suddenly being 'plugged in' with the stylist cooling me down with a hairdryer on a cool setting. Yes really! I was sitting in fear of my hair burning but thankfully I was just paranoid and the hair dresser knew exactly what he was doing (phew!). Still, the results were great and now I have loose wavy curls for a little while which are nothing short of a miracle as my coarse Asian hair does not usually like to hold any kind of curl!


Instagramming 7

02 June 2012

It has been ages since I put together one of these Instagram posts but I thought I would share a final Instagram post from Hong Kong. Now that I've been back in the UK for almost 2 weeks, it feels like I've never really left but at the same time it still feels so fresh in my memory, that it would feel pretty normal if I woke up on the other side of the world, going about my normal Hong Kong routine. Oh if only!
1. The first of many dim sum pics in this post 2. Cheung Chau Bun Festival, I watched in disbelief as the main event was a competition which involved people climbing up a mountain of plastic buns at midnight on TV, getting to the top and pulling off the plastic buns and throwing them into the bags that they had attached to themselves. It's a brilliant and hilarious tradition that everyone takes really seriously! 3. The stairs near the Fortress Hill MTR doesn't look like much fun to climb up either 4. More dim sum 5. Mango and Green Tea desserts with the family 6. Hot Pot shopping at the supermarket 7. Hot Pot at home 8. Vietnamese 3 bean drink 9. At the wet markets for some fresh fish!
ig7 b
1. Live chickens at the market 2. Smelly Durian fruit for sale 3. Colourful trams and noisy city 4. The awesome skyline 5. Vietnamese for dinner 6. Sushi for dinner 7. My aunt made coffee and green tea macarons 8. My jewellery but I sadly lost the blue cord bracelet 9. Random outfit shot
ig7 c
1. Essie Lapis of Luxury nail polish that I found for under £5 (such a bargain!) and a new bangle. 2. Open windows in my grandparent's bedroom 3. Sweet potato wedges with a sprinkle of plum powder, I adore street food! 4. A trip across the harbour on the Star Ferry 5. The Star Ferry is a must and not really considered that touristy - plenty of people use it daily as it's the cheapest way across the harbour 6. More dim sum! 7. Fa Yuen Street Market is super fun to browse and look for cheap fashion 8. Korean BBQ Yes!!! 9. I tried Mangosteens for the first time and they're so yummy!
1. Having some typical HK Cafe food...HK style French Toast and yummy milk tea. I probably miss Milk Tea the most out of all the things I love in HK. It's the simple things! 2. I love all the old apartments in HK 3. A glimpse of the streets at Tsim Sha Tsui one afternoon 4. Dinner with my aunt and cousin at the famed Yung Kee in central 5. A quick lunch break with one of my aunts - the prawn parcels had a mango dip which was AMAZING 6. A meal at ABC Kitchen with lots of new friends which I will definitely write about soon 7. After the meal we had gelato and coffee 8. Another view of that skyline 9. Sushi time with my cousin
ig7 e1. I visited my aunt's work place and HAD to take photos with the big plastic Taz 2. I also posed with some of the cameras in the CNN studio because it had to be done! It totally looks like I am barefoot in this pic but I am definitely wearing ballet flats! 3. The offices have a lovely sea view 4. This cake is utterly adorable and was called the 'nervous pig' complete with two drops of sweat iced just by his left ear. Probably one of the most random themed cakes ever 5. My very last Sumiyaki coffee in Hong Kong. Sumiyaki is a Japanese coffee made from charcoal roasted beans, it's pretty good! 6.  spent my last afternoon in HK shopping for food and veggies at the local market.

Well. Let me tell you guys that I am now SUPER SUPER SUPER missing Hong Kong after writing this post. I definitely feel a little bitter sweet looking at these pictures. Luckily my family who I stayed with are all visiting for the next month so in a way, a little slice of HK will be coming to me.

Hope you all have a wonderful Jubilee weekend. I wish I was going to a street party but maybe I'll create a tea party at home and I'll get the bunting out!

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