Instagramming 3

26 February 2012

I wasn't going to do another Instagram post so soon but I figured, it'll be my last one until I have access to a laptop that I can actually upload/edit photos. So here it is!
My Kyoko Hashimoto earrings which are awesome but I don't wear enough. Old HK stamps in my passport. My cousin's birthday which means another yummy cake. Udon noodles with prawn tempura. M&S Cherry Pie (so good!). Attempting to pack and taking my entire collection of coloured blouses.
Dinner at home. There are Mustaches on my shoes! Thanks to Claire from Jazzpad who I won these from. Catching up with friends over tea and sandwiches. A cute card holder which I couldn't resist and will be useful for the MTR in HK. Grandma treated my mum and I to Sushi. I want this teacup set, but it's annoyingly expensive!
More coffee times at my favourite Coffee shop. Almost passport time! Yummy Chocolate, Ginger and Pear biscuits from M&S. I hate packing but my laptop case (full of accessories rather than a laptop!) is pretty happy all the time. A postcard from my friend featuring one of Yoshimoto Nara's drawings. Sunday lunch at home, lots of congee, steamed buns and siu mai.
Playing around in the craft shop, spelling out my name and then realising the colour scheme is totally matching with my shoes. First Daffodil outside our house. A little pig shaped measuring tape that was too cute not to buy (pull the ear for the tape). Finally, I am all packed and ready to fly in the morning!

I was speaking to friends today and we couldn't believe how fast and last minute this trip to HK is. It still doesn't feel as if I'm leaving tomorrow. My mum is dropping me off at the airport in the morning and then my dad will collect me when I reach Hong Kong (I'm so glad he is there at the moment so he can help me with my luggage!). I still have enough food photos from last Summer to put together several food posts but I guess those will have to wait until I return back to the UK. I'd much rather blog more instantly while I am over there. I have a week to acclimatise before I start work and spending some family time in Macau at the weekend which I'm really looking forward to.

Don't forget that you can keep up to date with me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram but the majority of my Instagram photos also end up on my Tumblr!
See you guys on the other side :)


An Afternoon with Next

24 February 2012

SDC11475 Before I jet off on Monday, here is a post on the Next press day that I attended recently. The press day showcased their high summer range and really got me in the mood for sun, sea and sand. I'm definitely loving their bright pastels, scarf prints and colourful accessories. It's kind of strange to think that when I return from HK in May, it will be Summer time!
SDC11519 SDC11486 A few of us bloggers spent some time huddled in this adorable little caravan which they filled with home ware and other pretty goodies. It was so cosy!
SDC11492 At one point, there was a bit of a power cut and these lanterns came out to play. It may not have been anticipated but I was pretty impressed with their quick thinking and putting their home ware to practical use.
SDC11489 SDC11528 SDC11510 After the perusing their Summer offerings, we were whisked away to the Covent Garden Hotel where we were treated to our fill of afternoon tea, freshly baked scones, endless cups of tea and awesome company. I got to hang out with some of my favourite bloggers and it was super relaxed and a lovely way to spend the rest of the afternoon. It's times like these, I do feel that blogging is like leading a double life!
SDC11533 SDC11537 I have nothing but lovely things to say about Next and the fantastic ladies that invite us bloggers down for the day regularly. What I love the most is that they really do take the time to get to know us as individuals which is such a rare quality when it comes to PR. I guess this has really helped in changing the way I view them now as a brand. I also find their collections so much more relevant these days, I mean check out the brightly coloured styling on the mannequins. That's certainly more 'me' than my mum!

Hopefully I'll squeeze in another post before I hop on my plane on Monday. I'm actually getting pretty nervous now. I don't mind flying but I've never caught a plane on my own, let alone a connecting flight! Off to pack...


A pretty little dress

21 February 2012

So LFW has come and gone in a blink of an eye! I totally miss being there this season but it has also been nice to read twitter streams and watch online along with my home comforts! Of course one of my favourites to catch was Burberry (made even better with the theatrics of staged rain and then spotting some Korean pop royalty appear in Burberry's feed). Oh well, those are clothes that I can never afford but this dress which I purchased in the January Sales is definitely easier on the purse strings!
dahlia a
Cardi (Primark) Dress (Dahlia) Bag (Hong Kong) Shoes (Topshop)
My youngest sister, Becky has taken to borrowing my clothes which is scary because she's 14 and she looks WAY better in my clothes than I do. Sob. So I better borrow her bag while I can...and also borrow this plum cardi from my other sister, Hailey.
dahlia c dahlia b
Ring (Accessorize) Earrings (GoGo Philip)
So....if you follow me via any of the other platforms that I'm on then you might have noticed that I am relocating to Hong Kong for a couple of months to work. It's been a crazy, unpredictable turn of events which has culminated in me flying out next Monday! *bites lip nervously* It will be great work experience but I also can't wait to see my HK family and friends again.

Unfortunately I am sans-laptop (again!) but I'm going to attempt blogging off my phone which will be a different approach to the way I usually write this blog. It'll be an interesting way of blogging and the posts will definitely be SUPER random. It might just revolve around my lunch that day, who knows? Maybe I'll get myself a new laptop while I am out there but either way you can follow me on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram to see what I'm up to. It's slightly scary but super exciting.


Instagramming 2

18 February 2012

I'm keeping my word and here is another Instagram round up post featuring photos since my last post. Some days I take loads of pics, but I've been a bit sporadic since my last post. As ever, my instagrams are mostly full of food and I have to admit that my Instagram feed is mainly of other people's food too!
instagram 2 a
I wrapped my sister's birthday present in blue paper and pink curling ribbon (I love curling the ribbon!). My mum bought a bag of tapioca to make some yummy Tapioca dessert. My lock screen featuring the Sanrio chracters Little Twin stars in adorable Kimonos. My sister's birthday meal at home featuring scallops, pak choi and yummy soft shell crab. Calorific Tapioca dessert. My friend Carly's amazing, large Art Deco clip-on earrings from ASOS.
instagram 2 b
My youngest sister's Fairy Lights and her big Hello Kitty teddy. The Hong Kong Skyline which I took last Summer, I'll be reunited with it soon! Some runny egg custard buns from our favourite Cantonese restaurant.
instagram 2 cMy Motel satchel which I use all the time. I tried Green tea with mint at one of the only Japanese restaurants in Birmingham (why aren't there more?). My yummy Chicken Karage bento. Dinner at my grandmas. A blast from the past, I found a whole bunch of Tamagotchis, the yellow one was mine, oh how I remember queuing up for these! I spotted this nude, faux croc Heart shaped Vivienne Westwood bag in House of Fraser, it's pretty awesome.


A Very lovely day

15 February 2012

Not too long ago I was invited down to London to check out Very's SS12 collection. The collections were mostly muted nudes and pastels with embellishments and prints galore. As always, I left wanting it to be Spring Summer right this instant and throw out my opaque tights, winter coats and scarves and embrace the SS12 collection with bare legs and thin layers. Given the weather at the moment, it just seems so very far away, what torture!
SDC10743 At press days, I always find myself drawn towards shoes but you know, when you spot polka dot Mary Janes like the ones below, how can you resist? The ones below were from the Fearne Cotton collection. She has such an eclectic style, her pieces are always my favourite and I am always drawn to her shoes!
SDC10750 I really loved the look of these Wedges from Love Label. They're such a great colour but I am so bad at walking in heels, I can only do medium height heels otherwise I am the most ungraceful person ever! I think this is where my sister Hailey and I differ. I have an abundance of flats and I live in my converse but Hailey is the complete opposite with boxes upon boxes of Skyscraper heels.
SDC10747 SDC10761 One of the collections that some of the other bloggers and myself highlighted was Diana Vickers. I've never really given much thought to her designs for Very but I was really pleasantly surprised! The 60s collared red dress is just lovely (although I'm not keen on that lone pocket on the front) but the sleeve details are really interesting. Same with the radish print dress to the right, such a quirky pattern!
Below are some detail shots of a turquoise lace top. This colour is really hitting the shops at the moment along with other Spring pastel shades. Lace is always on trend in one form or another and I have several lace tops which I could potentially dye this shade.
SDC10746 You know it's Spring Summer when wicker bags start appearing. I love the coral details on this bag, oh and of course that pink flamingo prop in the background!
SDC10740 The majority of the featured collections are available now on their website and I know that I will spend lots of late nights perusing online. I always do the most damage buying things when it's late. It's such a bad habit! 

At the event, Very had a photo area set up and well, how could bloggers resist when there are lots of props to play with? It was so much fun catching up everyone and basically being silly with all the props.
So many lovely bloggers in these photos including Sherin from Hi Fashion Abi from Abimarvel, Laura from That's So Yesterday, Fritha from Fish Tank Fashion, Jazmine from Jazzabellesdiary, Florrie from Intrinsically Florrie, Daniela from Couture and Crumpets and Marin from Marin Monroe.
After the event, Daniela and I meet up with Kristabel and we stopped off for yummy food at Bills which is in St Martin's Courtyard in Covent Garden. It was a really lovely atmosphere in there and my chips and crispy prawn cakes were absolutely delish!
SDC10770 SDC10771Totally worth a visit if you are ever in London. There are so many good places to eat in London but if I EVER move down there (fingers crossed I do at some point!), I expect this will surely become a food blog because I won't be able to fit into any more of my clothes.

PS: The lovely Ronke from Ondo Lady has been featuring bloggers and their work spaces on her blog this month and today she has featured me! Check it out over at Ondo Lady.


Snow Day

09 February 2012

There has been an abundance of snowy outfit pictures across the blogosphere and well, who am I to miss out on the action? Firstly, here is Hailey who has been due an outfit post on here for a little while. Usually I am the one asking if she would like her outfit photographed but it's always nice when she asks me if I want to snap her picture. On this particular day she was sporting her really pretty blouse which was one of her birthday presents. It's so cute!
hailey bow snow
Blazer (Zara) Blouse (Niche) Jeans (Topshop) Hat (Accessorize) Boots (Dr. Martens)
One of her favourite accessories at the moment is this wool fedora which replaces the usual bobbled hats that she wears at this time of year. Definitely chic and doesn't mess up your hair as much as a knitted wooly hat.
hailey hat ring
Ring (Monki) 
After I snapped the pics of her, she turned to me. I was a bit hesitant at first because well...I am in desperate need of a fringe trim and had literally pulled those boots on to walk around in the snow. Safe to say, I hadn't really anticipated blogging this outfit but here I am anyway!
colours snow day
Jumper (H&M) Blouse (French Connection) Jeans (c/o Next) Boots (Topshop) Scarf (Gift)
contrast colours
Despite my initial ideas about the outfit, I'm glad my sis took my photo anyway because the lime, lilac and rusty orange colours look amazing on camera. I remember my old Art teacher at college used to tell me that he loved the rhyme, 'purple and green should never be seen' because it was fun to say and absolutely NOT true. I totally agree. It's definitely one of my favourite colour combinations.


Instagramming 1

06 February 2012

After months of looking at other people's weekly round up of Instagram posts (Pink Bow and Half Girl are some of my favourites), here is my first foray into making up one of my own! Instagram is one of those things that is incredibly addictive. Much like the the new Pinterest account that I've created (so much fun) it feels natural to post something every day, even if it is pretty mundane...like a custard cream biscuit! 
Round up 1 A
I love Sanrio characters- not just Hello Kitty, but also the Little Twin Stars which feature on my latest iPhone case. My youngest sister and I compared our painted nails (she has all the patience in the world when it comes to her leopard print nails). We ate New Year cake and Chinese turnip cake for dinner. A custard cream! One of the Waterstone's stores in Birmingham is in a magnificent building that was once an ex-Victorian bank, the architecture and details are just beautiful.
Round up 1 B
New jumper and blouse from New Look. Train to London. The iconic Liberty. Afternoon Tea courtesy of Next (more on this later). A yummy little pastry. Awesome Chandelier in a fancy building which housed Polaroid Sunglasses' press day.
Round up 1 C
I found a new illustrated edition of the Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett which was one of my fave books but also movie as a child. Breakfast. Bunting courtesy of Next. It snowed on Saturday! Dim Sum on Sunday. Making the most of the snow on Sunday afternoon.
Round up 1 D
It's my sister's 23rd birthday on Wednesday 8th but we always celebrate the cake cutting on the Sunday for various reasons (this means our birthdays always last for ages!). We always have tea to accompany our cake. I always document these occassions with my Fuji Instax and they go straight into my photo album. The 6th is the last day of Chinese New Year (it lasts for 15 days) and all the decorations around our house are all coming down for another year. Watercolours, getting creative and making a birthday card for Hailey.

I had fun putting this post together so I'm looking forward to making this a regular feature. Hope you all have a lovely week guys!


Vogue Girl Korea

03 February 2012

Vogue Girl Korea NOV 11
When it comes to blogging, there are always things I mean to blog about but never get round to. So finally, after months of my November issue of Vogue Girl Korea sitting in my room, I've finally got my scanner working again and scanned my favourite pages from the editorials inside. I've plenty of Japanese magazines but this is the first Korean magazine I've bought and wasn't at all disappointed. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!
Scan 29
Scan 30
Scan 34
Scan 35
Scan 39
Scan 40
Scan 43
Scan 42
Vogue Girl Korea, November 2011
I love the layering and the styling of these shots. I can't read Korean and I don't have much of a grasp of Chinese either so whenever I buy Asian magazines, it is always about the images! Go ahead, right click and save these bad boys, the studded Versace leather jacket and blue trousers look and the last image above are my favourite! Now, to save the pennies for my next issue...

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