Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's for dinner?

I love eating out and I especially love trying new places and my sister and cousin have decided that we should have a monthly get-together over food. I have a soft spot for Asian cuisine so when I heard about a new Korean place open in Birmingham, my sister and cousin decided it should be our first port of call. In a city like Birmingham where the Korean population is pretty non-existent, I was doubtful over the authenticity of the restaurant. The place has not had the best reviews and with a name like 'Miss Korea' I wasn't expecting much.
kalbi and dukbokki.
For 3 people, we tried a huge selection of their food (we are such fatties) including samgyeopsal (bacon/pork belly), galbi beef and bulgogi (marinated beef) which all went on the charcoal grill. We also sampled dukbokki (spicy rice cakes), yukgaejang (spicy beef broth) which was probably my favourite on the evening. We also tried their dolsot bibimbap (stone pot rice) which is mixed together thoroughly before eating, so the raw beef was cooked through by the time we tucked in! 
The major let down of this meal was their Kimchi which was really bland! Fine if it was any other dish, but for Korea's national dish, this was something that they couldn't really afford to get wrong. This is probably when I started wondering whether it was actually a Chinese run Korean restaurant (still not sure). In all, it wasn't as bad as some of the reviews had made out. It certainly wasn't the best place for Korean BBQ in my experience but it satisfied my Korean food craving and we still had a pretty good evening (and left with very full bellies!). Apparently there is a better one which is run by a Korean family so I will definitely be checking that out and reporting back soon!

Oh yes and speaking of all things Korean, I love a bit of K-pop (no it's not all like Psy's Gangnam style) and I just managed to purchase tickets for Big Bang at Wembley in December! They are arguably the biggest Boy-band (that word makes me cringe) in all of Asia. I am ridiculously excited...


  1. That is too bad about the Kimchi. Such a lovely foodie post!

  2. yummy. I wish my favorite Korean place here was bigger. It is family ran. The mom will make special things for you ..especially, if you are little boy or if she likes the guy you're with.

    Such a beautiful and spicy post! Loved your review.

  3. I need to try different types of food like this but I wouldn't know where to begin, can you do a beginners guide?!

    Maria xxx

  4. i'm hoping all this korean expansion will encourage the food side cause Cardiff is lacking as well. We have quite a nice little one but its kinda outta the way :/
    and oh em gee i got tickets to Big Bang as well, maybe will see you there :)

  5. should i admit that i tried licking my screen.....
    i love korean's probably my fave next to chinese obv
    like my sis said, we're lacking in a decent korean restaurant here in cardiff...there is the family run one which is authentic and hits the spot everytime i go but the menu is tiny and sometimes seasonal -_-

    and yeeees big bang....finally get to see TOP in real life!

  6. you have the best food posts! x

  7. Mmmm, Korean food! I love the text over the photos. Very cute! Ahh, too bad the kimchi wasn't very good though :( I'm sure that your next round of Korean food will be good though! And congrats on grabbing tickets! Can't wait to see pictures from the concert ;)

  8. Okay, I just ate lunch but I want to go back and eat more. This all looks scrumptious!
    xo TJ

  9. Oh dear, you know what my exact reaction was when I scroll down to the food pic? This: "OH NO! I see tofu…kimchi…oh dear.. I cannot.take.this.torture much longer!" lol I'm seriously, very hungry right now. -sigh- I enjoy trying out new restaurants, too! I don't get that opportunity as much as I would like to, but it's always a great experience when I do. There aren't a lot of korean restaurants near where I live, so I always have to cook my own….and I can't cook so it's always a total fail :(

    I'm the same way when I judge a korean restaurant. If their kimchi is bad, then I don't have much expectation for their main course or their authenticity.

    I'm not into k-pop, but I do enjoy Psy's horse dancing :) Big Bang…I think my friend is going to their concert in November. I've never heard any of their songs before, so I can't say much about them lol


  10. mmmmmmmmmmmmm this looks so amazing. i haven't had good korean food in awhile - i actually don't think there are many places wherei live now. or any! and i listen to k-pop everynow and then, i put the gangnam style into my mix on pandora, but it keeps mixing with random rap artists from america i dont like. not the same thing pandora!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  11. Oh my goodness this post seriously has made me so hungry! Everything just looks so delicious!

  12. I love korea bbq so much! Also the spicy beef broth is my favourite thing to eat on a cold day.

  13. Wow that food looks so delicious! Delicious post! *..*

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page


  14. It looks like it was a really fun dining experience with heaps of delicious food x


  15. Great post!!

    This looks so YUMMY :)

    Really love your style and posts!!

    A blog like this deserves following!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)



  16. yumm it looks sooo good! im not a fan of kimchee so im sure i would have loved this place anyway.

  17. I think the Korean food
    looks good tho! I totally
    lol'd how random their
    restaurant's name is..
    Bummer about the so-so


  18. YAY on bigbang tix!!

    This restaurant is right next to the Acardian right?? A real shame about the kimchi and the food looked pretty good in the pics!!

    I'll know what you send you next for your bday ;)

  19. yummy! it looks very nice. xx

  20. Oh my gosh this looks so good! I swear you always have the most appetizing photos on here! Yummy. xx

  21. that looks incredible, so fresh and flavoured! i don't think i've ever eaten food like this. Not sure you can get korean food anywhere in belfast - would love to try it! your blog always makes me hungry :)

  22. love korean barbecue! now i really miss the barbecued meat and kimchi:)
    would you like to follow each other?

  23. This looks delicious! Your blog is so pretty.

  24. Looks yummy!

    xo Jennifer

  25. What kind of typography is that over your photos? I love it! Tell GD I say helloooooooooooooooo


  26. oh my god! I love bibimbap so much! I'm the biggest bibimbap fan ever. When Ben lived in South Korea we ate it very often and I can never get enough of it! Yumm



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