Friday, September 21, 2012

Instagramming 10

Yep, it's that time again! Here is a round up of some of my favourite shots from Instagram from the last month.
IG10aa1. Dim Sum Sundays always makes it into my IG posts 2. I still want to go back to The Warner Bros. Studios - I still rave on about it 3. M&M world with my sisters and dad after our little day trip 4. Mum has been making endless Chinese egg tarts 5. Congee, steamed buns and noodles for lunch 6. Packing lucky red envelopes (laisee) for a friend's wedding 7. My F21 blouse with my Tatty Devine bow necklace 8. Watching Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love 9. Eating snow skin mooncakes but I much prefer the normal lotus paste ones.
10. Packing a lot of green tea for Bestival (but since there was a lot of tea available on the camp site, I didn't drink any of these! 11. I think we've had a pretty good run of the Summer weather this year 12. The decoration around the festival was extremely photo worthy 13. Kaya (Coconut butter) and Strawberry Jam on toast 14. Party Ring Brooch (this has proven to be quite popular so here is the link to the lady who makes them!) 15. A random trip to London on Tuesday 16. Purposefully trying on JW Anderson x Topshop jumper (yes I bought it!) 17. Feeling a bit creeped out by the life size Yayoi Kusama at Selfridges (the LV space for the collab is really cool) 18. Walking down to Regent St in search for Sushi over at Piccadilly Circus before heading back home to the Midlands.

I'm not sure about the future of these round up posts right now, mostly because I have a constant stream of them in my side bar and they can often be seen over on my Tumblr too. I'm not sure if people really need to see my instagram photos in so many locations. Any thoughts on this guys - do you still like these posts?



  1. I loveee that sweater - especially with that dress underneath! So cute <3

  2. you always take such awesome instagram pics :) Love the bat jumper, really really want it too! xx

  3. like the number 7! (F21 blouse with Tatty Devine bow necklace) totally cute <3

  4. These pics look soooooo familiar.. I WONDER WHY

    I'm going to bed wondering about this now

    what a mystery

    gonna check instagram in bed

    btw i ate a really shitty nectarine today
    dont buy tesco ones.. they're shit and feel like mashed potato


  5. Your instagrams are always well-taken! the colours are really cool :D I spy egg tarts! Awesomeness lol. Was a lot of fun catching up with you!! I'm glad we can stay in touch actively on the blogsphere lol :D

  6. I LOVE your new j.w. anderson sweater! really jealous XD and for a sec I thought you had really met yayoi kusama, scary! hahah XD

  7. Yet more instagrams to make me feell hungry! I love the JW Anderson collection, the sweater looks great on you.

  8. LOVE these photos. The Dim Sum photos make me hungry...nom nom!!

  9. Lovely photos ! :) Hey lovely, whats you're name on Instagram btw? :)
    And yeahh, my new place already feels like home so thats nice !

  10. I love Party Rings. I'm not a huge fan of these posts especially when you can see the photos them on other platforms but I guess it's nice for people who don't have instagram. Plus it's your blog, I can imagine they're quite nice posts to look back on if you read back through your old posts.

    RE: The bike basket... it happened a bit by accident but I'm really chuffed :) I'm scared people are going to steal my spokey dokes though haha !

    M xo

  11. I love that bat jumper! Cute photos :) x

  12. I love egg tarts and those dumplings look so good! I also really like your bat sweater.

  13. Your outfits are so cute! Glad to have found your blog <3

    Colour Me Classic

  14. I thought that was the real Yayoi! love her.

  15. I just fell in love with your blog x') I scrolled all the way to this post! I really adore it, so keep it up c: you got a new follower




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