Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Neon Leopard

A girl can't keep away from the shops for too long and one of the first things I bought when I arrived back in the UK, is this linen top with neon orange leopard print from Zara. It's actually pretty long on me and I'm not really sure if it's because I'm short or if it's meant to be a tunic but I've managed to get away with wearing it with just tights. However on this occasion, I've tucked it into my pleated black skirt which I bought while I was in Hong Kong.
My hair is totally having a good day in these pictures. Back in HK, the humidity really made my newly permed hair feel a bit frizzy which is kind of mad as I've always been lucky enough to have super straight hair. Here in the UK, the drier weather makes the curls much more manageable and it has definitely relaxed a little since my initial perm. It's a pretty easy hair style to keep, as all I do after washing my hair is twist sections of my hair to retain that dolly-like curl. Depending on how much I twist them, the curls turn out a little different each time. To be honest, my sisters can create virtually the same look with their curling irons but I am rubbish at curling my own hair so this works out well!
Top - Zara, Skirt - Kwai Chung Plaza (Hong Kong), Cardigan - Marks and Spencers, Belt - Topshop, Shoes - Zara
Necklace - Monki, Ring - H&M, Nail Polish - Bourjois 
SAM_0844 In the past, I really didn't think I was one for maxi skirts since I thought they would drown me as I'm a tiny 4'11" and I'm definitely not going to be getting any taller and FOREVER at boob height for a lot of my friends (actually, it would be really weird if I were tall and to be able to see over people's heads!) Things certainly change and I have developed a new found love for long skirts. I just wish it would stop raining so I could wear them more often!


  1. Lol at the 'boob' height.. and it is rather weird if I can see over people's heads... kidding!

    Is everything on sale at Zara yet? It is here and I MUST RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO SHOP.

  2. This is beautiful. Your conversation about your height made me smile. I'm short too. I love this maxi skirt!

  3. I love long skirts too! So cool. A great outfit. I love your hair too.

  4. Awesome details to this. Always love your nail polish color choices too.

  5. ooooh I think the maxi skirt is perfect for you! Unfortunately the long skirts at h&m are way too long for me o.0... and I'm 170 cm tall! Lovely pictures Winnie =)

  6. It goes so well with the maxi, just lovely! Of only the weather would perk up! Xo

  7. Your hair looks amazing! Wish mine could like that tousled and lovely :) the top looks great with the maxi! xo

  8. You look lovely, I especially love your hair! I didn't realise you were 4'11" I thought you were nearly my height (5'5")!

    Maria xxx

  9. I had no idea you were so little! You rock the maxi!

  10. Gorgeous look!!!! Love your skirt!

  11. Love the long dress and they are so comfy to wear. Brought mine from river island last year and I love it!

  12. You look lovely, your top is so nice! Can't resist a bit of leopard print. Your hair is super pretty too xxx

  13. Awesome belt detail!
    And the leopard print
    is adorable ^^

    Have you curled your
    hair? It looks great!


  14. Such a stunning outfit! I adore the belt and skirt. Your have a really nice sense of style i cant wait to see more from you :)

  15. Love the skirt & necklace! Gorgeous nail colour too.

  16. You're 4''11? Me tooooooo! Well, I like to be optimistic and think myself as 5ft or if I am really pushing it, 5ft1! but i am pretty sure i have shrunk during the past 10 years to 4ft 11! I hate being boob height. For Christmas, Please can I get some new, tall legs!!!!!! xxx

  17. I love your skirt! It looks great on you, I used to be really put off by long skirts because I am a shortie too but they look so good! As long as I don't trip up!

  18. Lovely and I love the length and style of your hair :D

    Sal x

  19. Ahh Winnie! You look absolutely grand, just catching up on your blog now and it seems the diet has worked a treat, you look so good. Zara in Warrington has closed down and they've replaced it with a Blue Inc. (Sigh). Hope you're well xx

  20. You look so pretty here! Looove you hair lady. Your necklace is awesome too. YTube = you'll have your hair curled in no time.

    I agree! Mixes things up alittle eh?

  21. What can i say? I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your hair!!! Gosh, the wavy loose perm looks gorgeous on you! Yeah, i cam imagine the humidity in HK making it all frizzy!hate when that happend when i permed my hair. So jealous that your sis can make hair like that with a curler (hence, for free!!!)..i cant curl my hair for life, hahaha

    I still think i cant pull off maxi skirts up to this day as i'm petite as well but maybe i ought to give it a try like yourself:) I super love the neon orange leopard top and that marks your first leopard print purchase, if i recall correctly? lol I really lwant that Topshop belt!!! When did you get it? I'm going to the uk in Aug so im gonna hunt for it if its there:)

    Happy weekend Winnie!!!


  22. Love the print on your top & great that you can get away with wearing it as a dress too! I never try on maxi skirts as I always think I'll be too short for them but maybe I should give them a go!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  23. I have always avoided maxi skirts and dresses because of the difficulties of finding them in the right length but your lovely skirt has given me new hope. I love the neon leopard print too.

  24. That is such a gorgeous skirt! :D

  25. aww you look so pretty! i love the colors in this outfit~ coral and pleated black skirt! = win. i love good hair days too~ makes the whole day seem more pleasant and awesome hahah! i think maxi skirts really suit you. true~ i'm short too and i'm afraid that can happen (the whole drowning affect) but it actually suits a lot of different people w/ different heights!

    keep in touch <33


  26. You're soo pretty :) Love your skirt!

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