Monday, June 18, 2012

New Kicks

A place I always visit in Hong Kong for one reason or another is Mong Kok. There are lots of fun malls to browse here but it is also the home of lots of streets which specialise in different items like Aquariums, Pets and Interiors. Mong Kok is pretty fun for street signage in Hong Kong. It's such an explosion of colour. I kind of miss that.
Trainer St.
On Fa Yuen Street is the market which is full of random things to buy...lots of cheap fashion, fruit sellers and items which wouldn't go a-miss at the ultra touristy, Ladies Market. Sam was the one who introduced me to the market and it's a lot of fun to browse!
Fa Yuen St
A little further down the street (it's a pretty long street) there is an area that is nicknamed 'Trainer Street' which sells, you guessed it...lots of trainers! Here you can find both new styles or cheaper trainers which are from a few seasons ago.
Trainer St
While I was in HK, I bought a pair of Adidas kicks too. I love them but I haven't owned any trainers for ages (I guess Converse don't count) so I'm still trying to work them into my wardrobe. They're pretty fun and I'll have to feature them in an outfit post.
SAM_0509The awesome guys at Cloggs sent me a pair of trainers too and I was the good big sister and I sent them to my youngest sister instead who is a massive fan of Vans shoes. They arrived in the UK before I flew back from HK so I surprised her on Skype with these. She was over the moon with her shiny new shoes!
They're pretty awesome for Summer (even though we are still waiting for it to turn up here in the UK!) and my sister always wears them with denim shorts, t-shirt and a backpack slung over her shoulder. Are you guys into trainers/sneakers? What styles do you usually go for?


  1. There was a major fire at Fa Yuen Street a few days before my arrival in HK (early Dec)...that street is a fire hazard.

  2. Duuuude that first photo is insane. Would love to visit there some day!

  3. Converse slip on's all the way!

  4. Oh I practically live in sneakers, and the high tops look so cool!!

  5. I love Vans. They're the perfect shoe, especially for summer.

  6. Aww you make me wanna go there!! :))
    And yeah we're waiting for summer weather here in sweden as well... Siighhh I even used my winter jacket the other day :-|

  7. Bahah I just read Kit's comment above- it's true I actually had no idea there was a fire and was wondering why it was so ghostly there at the time.

    I see you really miss HK with those photos- don't lie to your readers and pretend you are still in HK. Keeding.

  8. Such a colorful street! It's probably really fun to browse through it!

    I looove sneakers! They are like the only thing I wear and flats! :)

  9. Haha the stuff they sell is so random! XD
    I only wear trainers when I'm working out I guess, I'm always in my converse! :))

  10. if i am ever lucky enough to visit hong kong, i am definitely visiting mong kok! and the shoes are adorable - i'm more a fan of keds myself, but now i want to check out these cloggs! :)
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  11. I LOVEEE trainers. I've been trying to find a pair that are bright that I don't mind wearing with everything (dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, ect...). I love both pairs of shoes, especially the Addidas! Purple is my favorite color! The only downside is that I tend to wear a lot of flats (ballet flats, sandals & trainers) so I need to build the arch in my foot back up...le sigh!
    --Ciara :D

  12. Ah yes...MK is full of random/quirky things to check out and delish local food to dig in! love the night life there but sometimes the crowd can get to me! lol

    Love your trainers! I'm the same, haven't bought or worn trainers in years! Well, unless im going to the gym,haahaha

    Those Vans kicks look nice too, good for causal wear:)


  13. I love your HK photos, Winnie -- I feel like we get to travel with you. Mong Kok looks amazing and overwhelming.
    I generally don't know how to wear trainers either -- do plimsols count? I thought about getting a pair of Isabel Marant wedge trainer knock-offs (Ash do a nice version), but still couldn't figure out if they looked enough like my style. Can't wait to see what you do with your Adidas!

  14. I always love your photo's, it's like taking a trip through your camera=) And your shoes are definitely cute, and so fun too!:) Xx

  15. I like trainers on other people but I can never pull them off!

    Maria xxx

  16. How sweet! I love the trainers Winnie! Wishing you a lovely weekend. xx :-)

  17. Love the photos - makes me wish I was in Hong Kong right now. I own a few pairs of trainers, but don't wear them outside of exercising because I feel too short in them. That being said, every time I put them on I think "Oh, this is why people wear them everyday - they're so comfy!"

  18. Hong Kong looks like it's such a great place to visit! I love those wedged trainers that are about at the moment xxx

  19. I recently bought new pumps from Korea too and I LOVE them! they are so comfy! I like th colour you chose for yours!



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