Friday, June 29, 2012

Instagramming 8 (mega post!)

Ah so OK, I've been a bit lax with the Instagram posts and well, I'm going to hit you guys with a mammoth post full of some of my favourite pics from the last couple of weeks. As ever, it's absolutely full of photos of the food I eat and places I've been and is probably a good insight to the Chinese food I eat on a daily basis! These pics have definitely increased since my HK family are visiting and they can often be found in the kitchen cooking up a feast or baking lots of cakes. In fact, they're baking Chinese coconut tarts this obviously, I will be instagramming (my username is diamondcanopy) that a bit later too.
1. Raybans in the garden 2. Dim Sum Sundays 3. Finding cute childhood pics of my sisters and I when we were little! 4. Salad Lunch in the garden 5. Fruit and Tea with friends 6. Still loving my kawaii laptop case and also my Dorothy Perkins flamingo print tote.
1. A brief trip to London 2. A snapshot of Selfridges in The Bullring (mall) in Birmingham 3. Coffee at 6/8 Kafe which is my favourite place for catch ups in Birmingham 4. Arches near Trafalgar Square in London 5. A Rice Noodle dish (Hor Fun with a variety of meat) 6. Victorian Sweet Shop at the old Back to backs in Birmingham.
1. Jamie's Italian for Lunch - we love the south coast frito misto with posh chips 2. My little sister loves baking too and she made some awesome chocolate cookies 3. Posing with a giant plastic drumstick 4. Sunday dinner at home with Congee, Zong (rice parcels) and steamed dumplings 5. Ikea meatballs are my FAVE! 6. Black Sesame dessert
1. Dinner at my grandmas one evening (she cooked up a feast!) 2. New bracelet from COS 3. I love green tea and my family gave me lots of new stock! 4. Noodles with egg and frankfurters for lunch 5. My aunt's new pretty Fuschia Mulberry 6. Brunch
1. My friend's birthday cake 2. BBQ Chinese style (chicken wings are our favourite to grill!) 3. An old photo of my dad and his siblings from the 70s 4. More brunch 5. Wensleydale and crackers 6. The British countryside from a train window.
1. Liberty is the most awesome department store 2. Liberty Flower Stall 3. London Skyline from South Bank 4. The Damien Hirst Exhibition was awesome 5. Macarons at Ladurée! 6. The courtyard at the V&A
1. Vintage Archives at Miss Selfridge (will be sharing more pics soon!) 2. Fantastic Latte at Notes, Music and Coffee in London (Trafalgar Square) 3. London Eye and Carousel 4. HK Egg waffles(雞蛋仔) made at home! 5. Steamed buns at home for lunch 6. Typical Chinese dinner at home
1. Matcha Chiffon Cake 2. Tea and Cherries 3. Churros at Bodega (Birmingham) 4. Kawaii paperclips 5. Hanging baskets at Bicester Village 6. Lunch!

Right, I must not leave it so long the next's a bit of a visual feast huh? I have a weekend full of farewell plans with my family as they are leaving to fly back to HK on Sunday. It's kind of crazy as I stayed with them during my 3 months in HK and then when I arrived back in the UK, it was soon their turn to visit and stay with us. So it does seem a bit strange that for the first time in 4 months, I won't be seeing them every day! Well, until the next time I fly to HK that is...


  1. #nyaaa# the pic of you and your sister when you were small is beyond cute! It looks as if you were doing outfit shots at that time already! (⌒▽⌒)☆ early practice only makes the master! The pics are all fabulous and it looks as if you had an amazing time :)

  2. Your Instagram posts
    never fail c:


  3. you make me want to be you with all this cute!

  4. Oh! the black sesame dessert looks amazing!

  5. I love the pictures; they're all so pretty! The food looks amazing...I want to try it all. Especially the macrons! I haven't found a place to try them yet in the part of Texas where I live! --Ciara :D

  6. instagram is slowly but surely taking over! i feel it too, it's doing the same with me. it's just so convenient because it's in our hands all the time! i love your photos though! it has such a nice feel to it :)

  7. these photos are all great!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  8. I always love these posts XD your photography is getting better and better, specially your food pics! Now I want to eat them even more. Man that Jamie Oliver food looks SO YUMMY and fancy! :))

  9. Ahh, your photos are always awesome. Also I'd like to follow you around and eat everything you eat. Actually that's a bit creepy, but you get the idea...

  10. Amazing photos! That Wensleydale and crackers looks delicious. Happy weekend to you dear. -xo

  11. Aw lovely photos and blog here! :)

  12. Aw lovely photos and blog here! :)

  13. Perfect timing for a post as instagram is currently down and I was majorly missing my fix!

    I do so love your instagram stream - you always capture things so perfectly!

  14. Your instagraming makes your life look incredible cute, beautiful and delicious, Winnie!!! I love the photo of you and your sis, and those Liberty shots are making me want to get on the next train to London! Hope you are having a fab last day with your fam!

  15. The food looks awesome and the childhood pic is so cute! xx

  16. Loving these photos! Making me hungry! I need to take more photos of food as I've become abit of a bum, eating it instead of taking some pics ;p I love it when there's family gatherings as there is lots of food to be had :D everything looks so delicious esp. grandma's feast!

  17. Your world looks so beautiful and all of your food so delicous. We have a Jamies Italian in Bath, I love going there.

  18. There is some epic food porn going on there - I am drooling and my sweet tooth is screaming!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  19. There's too many fab things for me to comment on, I'm overwhelmed haha. In a good way of course. What I will say is that food is making me extremely hungry...looks delish! Goodbyes are always sad, but you're right, you'll see them again in no time :) xxx

  20. Nice set, now I think Instagram is really great for everyday shots and the magic of little moments...

  21. I always love your instagram posts and that baby picture is awesome!

    Maria xxx

  22. Your posts always make me nostalgic for my childhood in SE Asia - love the laptop case :) x

  23. So much food goodness! Love the colour of your aunts new Mulberry! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  24. I love all your food pics! I am a huge fan of sesame dessert too hehe. It looked sunny in your pics.. somehow it's looking gloomy right now. I am still hoping the weather will pick up... LOL.

  25. omg omg omg this post is giant !!! so my first thought was "oh no no instagram" cause i kind of have a problem with that but then i started to look closely to the pictures and all i think was FOOD !

    dim sums my goood this is so delicious ! i went to hk last year and i couldn't get enough of them really.

    london ! <3 i will write down some of these addresses...

    haha ikea meatballs ! :DDD

    Damien Hirst ! i am jealous

    i love the pictures of your childhood taken in pictures and the dishes i see here make me want to cry a little :)
    ok this comment is way too long but i just discoverd your blog and it looks really awesome !! + long post may be equal to long comment.
    cheers !

  26. hubba hubbaaaaa...I'm hungry!! xx



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